At times when you’re parents or a loved one needs medical attention at home, round the clock, the services of a hired medical attendant would become inevitable. Especially for a family member suffering from a chronic disease or maybe for some loved one, in need of post-operative care. When it calls for an in-home trained medical attendant to be entrusted with such caregiver’s responsibilities so that you could have peace of mind and assurance that your loved ones back home, are being well cared for by a trained medical attendant, help is very much available. Your hired or recommended medical attendant is there to take care of your specific health requirements as recommended by your doctor.

Services provided by an In-Home Trained Medical Attendant

An in-home trained medical attendant provides for the general medical support at home. Trained medical attendants are caregivers to take care of the daily activities of a sick person in need, with their movement, feeding, dressing of wounds, taking care of their health, hygiene, and nutrition. The medical attendant is well trained to monitor and record general health conditions through regularly measuring physiological parameters like heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, fluid in-take and out-put for individuals undergoing special treatments. The attendant is equipped with the skills required to operate equipment like a BP machine. It is the attendant’s responsibility to act as a nurturer and attend to your daily needs both in behavior and service. An attendant’s prime objective would be carried out the medication scheduled as well as keep a track of any developments. During the procedure of treatment or checkup, the medical attendant shall inform the doctor of the patient’s history and update on the current development.

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Cases when Trained Medical Attendants will help out


At times elderly loved ones, not so much capable of taking care of themselves due to being immobile, would need support and assistance. That’s when they require special medical care and support from a trained Medical Attendant. The attendant is also tasked with keeping the patient company as well as take care of his/her wellbeing in the absence of family.

Mother and Child

A newborn baby and its nursing mother with certain post-delivery complications would need special care and medical attention apart from help with such activities like feeding, bathing, and housekeeping. In such cases, the support of a well-trained medical attendant at home will ease off your mental worries.

Health and Lifestyle Management Care

Our responsibility towards our loved ones in need of help in moving around or being monitored regularly should not be shunned due to our pre-occupation/ work pressure. For such moments it is advisable to avail the hired services of a trained medical attendant. More so because we ourselves may not have any prior experience to deal with inevitable minor medical emergencies, requiring specific medical knowledge possessed by a trained Para-medic like a medical attendant.

 Post-Operation Care

A family member, who may have undergone surgery, would need special medical care, like checking and recording the essential physiological parameters, which only a trained in-home medical attendant, with proper training in providing assistance to such persons, is capable of doing so.

Require a trained in-home Medical Attendant?

Portea’s trained medical attendants provide care to such ailing persons in need, well within the comforts of their known environment, i.e., their own homes or that of their children’s home. Hiring the services of a trained in-home medical attendant from Portea, would be a wise decision, especially for such patient’s to be provided special medical care. Such trained in-home medical attendants can be hired through Portea, as per your requirement.

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