Moving and shipping your car requires many considerations; whether across state lines or simply between counties. Planning any move should be selecting an appropriate moving company, but lots of people neglect their cars.

Different providers offer various shipping options that affect price; enclosed transport protects vehicles from hazards while being more costly than open carriers. Read the article below to learn about the variables involved and hopefully, you’ll be better prepared.

Time & Cost

When moving across the country, shipping your car can be an economical and efficient means of getting it from A to B. Cost-cutting considerations include distance, vehicle size/type/make/model combination, time of year and shipping option chosen; open transport tends to be less costly while enclosed shipping more so. To reduce cost when transporting your car consider having it sent directly to a terminal rather than your home address.

Distance is often the main determinant in sending your vehicle costs, as more fuel and labour are typically necessary to complete longer hauls. Type and condition also play a part in pricing: for instance, larger newer cars typically cost more to transport.

Shipping your vehicle to a terminal can also be more cost-effective than having it directly delivered to your house since you won’t incur additional wear-and-tear, gas expenses, maintenance requirements and supplies costs while driving it on the road. Hotel rooms, meals and supplies will all be saved along the journey.

The time taken to ship your car can depend on various factors, including its type, route and weather conditions. When selecting a shipping company to use, be sure to choose one with an excellent track record that provides reliable services; check their safety records on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website as well.

Once you have located a reputable auto transporter, the next step should be scheduling your pick-up date and getting a car shipping quote. A reputable carrier should be able to provide you with an accurate quote within a few days or even sooner; when making this request is sure to include all pertinent information such as contact information, vehicle make/model/year and any modifications as well as desired pick up/delivery dates so they can accommodate your schedule.

The distance can also have an effect on shipping timelines; for instance, moving from New York to California could take longer due to its distance and truck drivers needing to navigate neighbourhoods along the way, potentially increasing transit time. Bad weather in snowy or rainy regions could significantly extend transit time and impact delivery schedules.


Sending your vehicle provides an efficient means of getting your vehicle from point A to B without needing to drive it yourself. It can be used in various situations, from purchasing second-hand cars online or moving across state lines.

No matter if it’s domestic or international car shipping you require, choosing a reliable provider with adequate insurance coverage is outlined here, and proven track records should always be prioritized over price alone. Making sure the delivery options can meet all of your needs – such as service quality or door-to-door delivery options are key considerations here.

uShip offers a marketplace with verified car transporters and brokers, each with its own reputation and history. It provides comprehensive documentation of each carrier’s compliance with global regulations; in case any damages occur during transportation, their full liability insurance protects your vehicle in case any accidents happen; additional supplementary coverage options can also be purchased by customers for added peace of mind.

Pick-up and Delivery

Transporting an exotic or luxury vehicle will likely incur higher transport costs; enclosed carriers tend to be more costly. Shipping your car to rural or hard-to-reach locations could also increase these costs significantly; plus some companies assess your car prior to providing a quote for its transportation.

Once you’ve chosen your car shipping company, the next step should be arranging pick-up and delivery dates. Some companies like Road Runner car shipping allow customers to arrange pickup/delivery over several days or request expedited service in order to meet a deadline. If time is of the essence, consider hiring same-day pickup/delivery services; though these may cost more, but can deliver faster results than traditional methods.

Consideration must also be given to the size of your vehicle; standard sedans fit on most single carrier trucks while larger SUVs or trucks require special carriers that charge either by flat rate fee or mileage charges. When transporting personal items such as magazines or books from your car for shipping, make sure they’re removed as this will help prevent damage during transit.

As part of your decision-making process, it’s also essential that you determine whether you want the carrier to load and deliver the car directly from your doorstep or pick it up and deliver it at its final destination – the latter option typically costs less while taking longer without an option of an extended insurance policy.

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