The instances of slip and fall accidents are so common that it will not even be an exaggeration to say that they occur every day in multiple numbers at different places. Some of them might be ignored, while a hefty number is reported daily to come across emergency visits to a hospital. Injuries may be as minor as a bruise or get as daunting as a trauma. It does not matter what is the age of the person, who has encountered such an accident, or what type of injury has taken place, damages can happen to anyone. Such damages can be physical, mental, and even financial.

If anything alike has happened to you or your dear ones recently, we suggest you get in touch with our expert Philadelphia Slip and Fall Attorney. We assure you of free yet quality consultation in each case.

What are the common causes behind slip and fall accidents?

Understandably, it may get a little vague and confusing for a layman to know what type of slip and fall situations are ideal for legal actions. Do not worry, you can ping a lawyer for instant help or read the following causes covered usually under the legal veil.

Poor Flooring-

This is one of the top reasons behind slip and fall cases according to our observations as an established law firm. Such instances may happen either outdoors or indoors. Examples of indoor accidents in this regard are slippery floors, uneven laying of carpets, waxed tiles, mopped areas, confined spaces, under-construction sites, etc. On the other hand, outdoor examples can be broken driveways, potholes, loose stones, uneven surfaces, etc.

Weak Structures-

There can be endless things that may fall under this head regarding causes for slips and falls. It can be something like climbing over weak ladders or stairs without railings. Our Philadelphia Slip and Fall Attorneys have successfully managed to bring umpteen other situations under this category to get our clients adequate claims. Using lifts that have either worn out due to time or are otherwise weak in construction can also invite such accidents.

Jumbled Wirings-

Another very common cause of slip and fall accidents is loosely tied wires or unorganized placement thereof. Such scenarios are probable at homes, offices, public places, and anywhere else. As keen lawyers, we have taken legal actions against those leaving wires unfastened, opened, and, haphazardly causing risk and injuries to pedestrians also. Such wiring problems are not just exposed to slip and fall, but also to electrical shocks, etc.

Insufficient Training-

We also understand that the majority of slip and fall cases are also from workplace accidents. These are usually due to the lack of or poor level of training. Trying to load extra weights in one go, physical movements during construction, non-acquaintance to often slippery areas, etc. are some of the few situations to mention that we have come across an adept law firm dealing in slip and fall accidents.

You may click here to get free consultation for more slip and fall accidents due to unfavorable weather, inadequate lights, cluttered walkways, faulty footwear manufacturing, etc.

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