This is the right to invest in Dubai and have your own house. No doubt the prices have come down, but at the same time, developers are also making investment easier for the buyer with the help of zero property valuation and loan processing fee, mortgage approval of 10-minute,  reasonable installment plans and zero fees of Dubai land registration department.

Many developers have become partners with the banks and thus offering more feasible finance solutions for the buyers in the form of low installment monthly and long terms of payment.

The only reason which was holding back many investors to invest in Dubai was the heavy monthly installment. But now according to Emaar development CEO, Bader Hareb, with low monthly payments anyone can afford a house in Dubai and enjoy a lavish lifestyle. More detail on available luxury properties in Dubai is available on

The CEO of Binghatti holdings, Muhammad Binghatti said, the developers have taken a strategic decision to offer payment plans post-handover for the investors.  He further added that developers do not indulge in any sort of background check, credit check or qualify people for these payment plans which are post-handover. It shows they are risking themselves from the bank which is not very good. Banks always do background checks and others before giving a loan. Therefore there should be some proper check what if the buyer does not pay at the end and such default transactions can create chaos in the market.

As per the Emaar news, if the property value is Dh1 million the home buyer will pay Dh 1,000 monthly or lesser than that and if the property value is Dh 2.5 million the buyer will pay around Dh 2,500 monthly. Emaar has team up with Dubai Islamic banks and offering better finance solutions in the form of up to 10% returns for the investors. You can find amazing residential units in places like Dubai hills, downtown Dubai, Emaar south and Dubai Creek. As per the developer, the buyer has to pay almost 50% of total value during the manufacturing point and remaining can be done on the installment plan of 25 years. Moreover, for the first 5 years, the buyer will pay no financing cost.

More Investment Options

investment option

As per Emaar source, the installments are 40% less than the rentals that people are paying for the same units.

Ghreiwati Property Development has also teamed up with the banks to offer long-term payment plans as compared to the payments plans which are post-handover. The CEO said, now the buyers can pay up to the time of 25 years with these flexible financing solutions from the banks.

Al hamly said that there Murano residence is almost ready to move in and is in line with the bank with 0 mortgage fee as a special offer. With the help of these banks financing, buyers can invest in many other properties at the same time instead of giving all the savings to the developers.

The banks financing is helping the buyer with the long-term payment plans and develop with the outstanding payment without the long waits.

Assistance from Developer

There are also some mortgage services offered by the developer for some target groups. Damac’s mortgage service allows the customer to get the mortgage with a very minimum evaluation process.  The specialist can provide the customers with various options and detail on areas such as equity release and payment plans, said the senior vice president of Damac properties.

Bhatti Developers have collaborated with Mashreq bank to offer mortgage within 10 minutes if there is no credit liability on the customer. As per the source, home buyers do not know how easy it is to get a mortgage.

Stress-Free Financing

The head of ADIB home financing, Tariq Abdulla said, it’s a win-win situation for the homemaker and also for the banks by doing collaboration with the developers. In such a competitive market, both the banks and developers are coming with more flexible and attractive finance solutions.

As per the Girish Advani, Noor bank retail banking and assets head, many developers communicate on buyer behalf with the banks. He added further that the ratio of mortgage to sales determine the market direction. The ratio is 85% in the mature market and in UAE it has become 60% in the year 2017 from 2010 28%.  This is the main drive behind the team up of developers and banks to offer flexible finance solution for the home buyers, said Advani.

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