Mental health is one of the most important health parameters that is often neglected in our country. Taking up a pharmacy course after 12th is one of the ways in which a person can gain insight into human health and well being. Mental health issues such as depression affect over 300 million people throughout the world. A study conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO)  and  National Care of Medical Health states that at least 6.5 % of the Indian population suffers from some form of mental disorders. These disorders are noted equally among urban and rural areas. There are few effective treatments for some mental health issues but it is certain that there is a great shortage of mental health workers such as psychologists, psychiatrists, and doctors. A total of 11 people out of one lakh people commit suicide in India every year due to mental health-related issues.

It is hard to find good mental health care centers in India. In our country consulting psychologist or psychiatrist is socially considered as something wrong. Teenagers are the most stressed people in the demographic. Family pressure over education causes stress among teenagers. Not been able to compete and cope up with the educational methods increases the chances of depression among teenagers. A total of 80% of people do not take any professional help in India for mental health-related issues. Only about 0.06% of India’s health budget is allocated to the mental health of people. In our society, people don’t seek mental help as they fear that they might be considered as lunatics due to lack of awareness and ignorance among the people.

Mental Health

The solution to this problem starts with awareness. Having people spread awareness about mental health issues is essential in order to remove this stigma against seeking mental health. Children should study more about mental health and its effects on our daily well being. Knowledge regarding the problem creates awareness and leads to more solutions. A lot of businesses have started taking mental health into consideration and provide better facilities for their employees as well.

Businesses have started in the mental health category in recent years in India. Some of these businesses have also received funding and have an established loyal customer base. This proves that people are seeking mental help and business are coming up by providing the necessary help. Few business models pride themselves on keeping the identity of the customer anonymous. Online counseling is done through calls and text in which the customer does not have to reveal their identity. Few online sessions are provided for free of cost with consideration about the customers being teenagers who do have the purchasing power yet. Rise of these industries also creates more demand for doctors who are professionals in the mental health segment. Having more doctors for mental health as a full-time career provides more professionals in this industry that people can go to.

Students who are interested in taking the pharmacy course after 12th can also opt for mental health. Since the lack of availability of doctors is present, the demand for them will be higher once mental health becomes more prominent in India.

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