Trade shows are all about attracting the public to your brand. This is an important point to remember because it is basically what trade shows are for. If you do not attract the visitors, you can easily deem your time on the trade show floor as a failure.

Fortunately, there are many ways to do it. Others create gimmicks, some advertised well enough the weeks prior to get noticed, and most rely on their booths to get the attention of the foot traffic along their area. This is apparent in trade shows in Singapore, Malaysia, China, and any other major cities in Asia. Creativeness is normally rewarded in these parts of the world. They are curious, and once you get their attention, expect them to stay longer.

Which brings us to a single question: What makes a trade show booth attractive?


“Rome was not built in one day”, a cliché, yet fitting quote. And it is true. Rome was a great civilization. Therefore, it can be concluded that nothing great was built overnight. It requires days, months, even years of continuous planning.


This applies to booths for trade shows in Malaysia, and other parts of Asia. Careful planning is required to incorporate your trade show booth as part of the marketing strategy. It should not be a separate entity in itself. Instead, it should be both attractive and should serve a purpose.

An attractive trade show booth can draw the crowd in. However, a well incorporated stand can make your brand memorable.

The second part of your planning should be thinking of a plan to make your booth stand out during the trade shows in Malaysia. Luckily, there are several ways to do them.

  • First, you should incorporate colors properly. In the world of artists, color can stand for something. Understand what these are, and do not simply pick based on your favorite color. Choose those which can serve a purpose; something that can represent your brand.
  • Make your booth dynamic. Liven it up with pictures and videos. Not only does this attract passers-by, but it also sends messages at a faster rate than words do. It also helps you attract the kinds of leads that you intend to gather while filtering out those which might not be very useful. However, use them wisely, because too much might create a cluttered image instead.

The most important part of making your booth stand out in trade shows in Malaysia is having your unique selling point at the forefront of your booth. It should not just be implied. What you can offer should be obvious to onlookers. Incorporate this well to your booth and this could make or break your brand; making you memorable, or forgettable.

Trade shows are competitive. It is a gathering of the world’s biggest brands, and some smaller businesses which may have gained a following. It is fierce, but with the help of a standout booth, anything is possible. So, strive for one, otherwise, you should have just stayed home.

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