No wonder you are in search of an amazing loft bed because it can organize all your work and sleeping pattern, like yeah – It’s pretty great to have a loft bed in your room for various reasons and that can include

  • You are a kid
  • A workaholic nature
  • Limited room space
  • Economically Feasible
  • Creative mind
  • You just wanna experience joy in everything you do

From the perspectives of a workaholic person, a loft bed is a kind of dream. You wake up in the morning, get yourself the necessary care ( bathing and other stuff ) and come back to your loft bed, this time the work department ( The space underneath the bed, made for work ). Comfortable?, Yes – a lot. When working at the space available underneath the bed, one can get themselves lost in the sensation of being boxed/closed – A sensation when you are deep into work and not feeling any disturbance.

For those who love work whether it be kids who are passionate to learn or play with things or teenagers who are powering some startup companies on their own, loft beds can seem ideal because it saves the space and time. With that, one can also save a lot of money if you are a student or rental for some work. A less spacious apartment with a loft bed can save quite a lot of space and because of it, you can easily live one of a passionate and perfect life in a budget.

With that being said, let’s dive deeper into the world of loft beds and get some queries cleared for ” whether you want a loft bed ” to ” What kind of loft bed you want”. Let’s get started.

What is Loft bed

A loft bed is furniture equipment which typically has a bed ( lifted up with the help of some pillars ) and offers a workspace ( typically a table ), one above the other. Acquiring as much less of space as it could.

The basic infrastructure consist of a bed lifted up typically by four wooden or metallic pillars and a hollow area made for workspace. However the fancy they add later includes some stylish stairs, a comfortable work space, a luxurious table design with a lot of holding capacity.

Another similar furniture equipment is bunk bed and these two are closely related to each other. With almost the same design philosophy, these two offer different kinds of luxury and comfort.

The loft bed does not necessarily come up with the fixed table and a chair or if you browse through some of the fancy ones, they come up with fancy tables that can hold up all of your gadgets, have some table lamps on them and some creature comforts. It all varies with your requirements and how much the person is willing to pay for them. To be honest with, It’s not all about what the person can pay, it’s more about the smart choice because many good loft beds are can be found in a limited budget. To make the selection convenient, we’ve highlighted some of the smartest choices for the loft beds which can be seen down below. You can check out those loft beds and figure out the best one that would be the best fit for you.

Types of loft Beds

Although there is no specific termed as ” types of loft beds ” but here we’re gonna make a criterion for you to distinguish them. If one loft bed offers just the bed and the other one offers a chair, tables and other fancy stuff then how are you gonna distinguish between those two? – They all are loft beds after all?. Well, we have divided them accordingly.

These are divided into three main categories with increased amounts of luxury they offer.

  1. The Standard Loft Beds
  2. The Premium Loft Beds
  3. The Executive Loft Beds

With that being said, let get them uncovered to figure out which kind of loft bed is best suitable for you, your younger brother or your child – basically whomever you love and adore. Its a best choice unarguably.

The Standard Loft Beds

Being on the first tier out of three, these are the simplest kind of loft beds available in the market place, the pretty basic ones. This kind of loft beds offers a bed space to sleep and a hollow space underneath that to use it for whatever your goal is. One can drag a table into this hollow area, get a small couch fit in there to enjoy movies and stuff. Depending upon the creativity one’s minds holds on, there is a lot of room for things to go their way.

Typically one can assume the standard loft beds as the basic infrastructure of a loft bed. There is no luxury and as we’ve said previously, everything is up to you to set it the way you want it to be.

In our quest of finding the simplest and yet the elegant loft bed, we came across this one ( The picture is shared down below ). This loft bed is really cool. It has a simple metallic frame and a decent staircase with a handsome amount of space underneath it to place a table and a chair underneath it. If you like it, you can get the latest price quote by clicking it.

loft beds standard

The Premium Loft Beds

With this tier of loft beds, things start to get a little stiffer. The reason we’ve said stiffer was because of the fact that now most of the loft beds who fall under this type would have the fixed infrastructure. There would be a ready-made built-in table fixed with the bed’s frame and there can or cannot be some holding drawers depending upon the loft you pick.

However one may remember the premium loft beds from the simple fact that these come up with a basic frame that provides a bed and a hollow space, a table and work environment fixed with that frame and some storage holding drawers with some fancy stairways.

While picking up the ideal fit for the premium loft beds, we found this one to be the smartest fit. It has an elegant frame, a decent staircase and a table fixed underneath it, utilizing the space elegantly. You may get the latest price quote for this one by clicking the image.

loft beds premium

The executive Loft Beds

This type of loft beds marks the emergence of the luxurious and most creature comfort rich kind of beds that utilize the space and creativity to the max potential.

These come up with fixed fancy tables, some cool drawers, some space excellently made to store your books, few to hold your toys even. A fancy staircase and an overall larger frame that can house all of your necessities in a comfortable and elegant manner.

As for the ideal fit among the executive loft beds, we’ve found this particular loft bed to be the best among all. it has a decent bed, a decent stairway, a decently fixed table and the storage compartments making it your tiny home. For its price, consider clicking it.

loft beds executive

While the loft beds appear pleasing, the real question here is whether you need one or not?. We’ve made these 05 reasons on why you need a loft bed. If you encounter a similar fate, then the answer is – YES, you need a loft bed in your life.

Reasons For Owning A Loft bed

1 – Minimize Space Usage

Are you one of those who love their room for being more spacious and available rather than be stacked up with furniture all the time? Well, the loft beds are the perfect fit for you. The good part is not the minimum usage of space, it’s the elegant use of the space without unnecessary sacrifices such as neglecting work table in your rooms. Indeed its the most out of the least space usage.

2- Economical

Wanna set up your room for a friendly budget? A loft bed is there to better assist you.

The price for the loft bed is many times lower as compared to buying separate furniture equipment for particular uses. And as told earlier, organizing them is a mess of its own. Avoid the mess in a feasible manner with some loft bed around the corner.

3-  Kid?

A loft bed is one of the absolute necessity of childhood. It enhances productivity, creativity, and excitement. Kids are one of the main reason we see loft beds becoming a huge success. Actually, kids don’t want themselves to be bounded with the usual and boring lifestyle which inhibits their abilities and that is one of the sole reasons why we see kids demanding loft beds or bunk beds. For those who wanna nurture the abilities in their children, a loft bed is one of the musts as it makes the kid’s bedtime and wakes up time excited and passionate

4-Extra Play Space

Another positive (+) for the kids. The standard loft beds as we mentioned earlier, some of them are hollow from the center providing some enclosed and safe space to carry out the playtime activities. Kids can set up their mini chair, their toys and all in this surrounded space and can play around for hours.

5- Storage

These are the loft beds from the premium type – I mentioned that earlier. This kind of loft beds come up with a whole chunk of storage space. You definitely need to consider a loft bed if you find your room low on storage space.

Considering the loft beds, people usually tend to have many questions and yes – we answered them.

Loft Beds FAQS

1- How much weight do loft bed hold?

Almost every loft bed has its own range of weight it is supposed to support. It depends upon the design and the engineering of that particular bed. On the descriptive tag, they have this maximum weight holding capacity written but just in case you are naturally curious to know how much weight do loft beds can hold in general? well, they can hold anywhere between 200-300 lbs. These are the lowest numbers, usually from the loft beds designed for kids. For adults, the number varies a lot. Just be sure for reading the descriptive tag which holds the maximum capacity numbers.

2- How tall is a loft bed?

Provided that your house’s ceiling is around 10 ft, you can install the loft bed at around 5 ft which will provide a well usable 5 ft worth of space to carry out whatever you love. The height can be adjusted. If the ceiling is around 8 ft then loft bed should be installed at 4 ft or 5 ft even, whatever seems convenient, it’s up to the personal needs and requirements.

3- How high should my ceiling be for a loft bed?

Generally normal day to day living structures are designed with an 8 ft ceiling height. To successfully install a loft bed, one might consider installing it at 4 ft high or 5 ft high. Installing above 5 ft can make the bed almost kissing the ceiling which can be irritating at times. But for those who prior the underlying space over the bed, you can install it at 5 ft with a ceiling height of 8 ft.

4- How much headroom do you need for a loft bed?

The minimum threshold for the space between the mattress and the ceiling is set to be 2.5 ft. A minimum headroom space of 2.5 ft ensures that there is enough room to use your loft beds. If the loft bed is 1 ft, how are you supposed to sit on it? and are you supposed to drop yourself every day to come out of it?- So be careful while installing your loft bed. Consider a 3 ft headroom so that it is comfortable to climb up the loft bed, spend some quality sitting time or lying time there and then getting back to the floor.

5- How much does it cost to build a loft bed?

Why not build it by myself right?, Well nice idea. Provided that you have the basic DIY tools, it can cost anywhere around $150-$200 for a simple loft bed. It’s easy to build it by yourself but it won’t be as appealing as the professional ones look like and the professional ones come up in the same budget range. It’s really up to the person. However be careful on the symmetry while constructing the loft bed, you don’t wanna come down your own fort, do you?

6- Are loft beds good for small rooms?

One of the primary reason for the construction of loft bed is to utilize most of the space in a small room making it a perfect fit for the small room. These do work well in large rooms to but the loft bed was designed to bring the most out of the small room.

7- Should I loft my bed in college?

Loft beds are usually associated with the children, which is totally wrong. The main theme is to utilize the most in term of space and efficiency. Whether you are a college student, a wannabe entrepreneur in his 20’s or even older, if you are looking for means to save storage and use it for productivity through one way or the other than the loft bed is the right choice for you no matter you are in college.

8- Are loft beds dangerous?

No, they are not. Even if you have the disturbed sleep patterns, you can higher up the side supports and make it a bit more like a cage so that you don’t come down the bed. The possibilities of loft bed collapsing are really really low. It is almost impossible for it to collapse unless you are exceeding the safe weight limit.

9- Can adults have loft beds?

Whoever is in need of saving space and utilizing it for work activities can use loft beds. Although the stereotypical use of loft bed involves kids the practical usage involves everyone. No matter what your age is, there is a loft bed for you.

10- Are there any queen size loft beds?

Yes, there are a lot of queen size loft beds. These require a lot of space and budget. Usually, one of the fanciest loft beds you will ever see. Their weight capacity is way too much, around a 1000 kg weight support. These are gaining a lot of popularity these days.

We would love to hear your experiences with the loft bed so make sure to share it with us in the comment section below.

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