Cricket is quite popular in India and is loved by millions of people. Cricket does not originate from our country but the majority of Indians like watching and playing cricket; even some people consider it as a religion. There are many cricketers who are famous all around the world such as Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, and Rohit Sharma.

If you are also a crazy fan of cricket and want to enter into the fantasy world of sports, then in this article, we will provide you with lots of information. It will help you in playing cricket online using the best gaming platform. Also, you will know how you can win real cash rewards. 


Starpick is a trustworthy platform for all the sportsmen of India as It provides the best things about cricket. To give you the best experience, Starpick has provided lots of information and fun here such as betting tips, what to consider while playing cricket and what not to consider from our new platform. Here, they give recommendations to other cricket games providing applications. It has managed to gather all the tips and tricks that are required in the game. But there’s a lot to consider. When it comes to betting on cricket in India, there are several top tips out there that help you excel in this game and many other things.

We provide you with enough experience of top players and the tips and tricks that will be useful for you. We offer quality information free of cost. 

When we talk about online gaming platforms, there is another gaming platform GetMega. You can play a variety of games there. For example, card games, casual games, and trivia games are available to play. It gives an amazing experience as you can win exciting rewards here by playing these games and performing better than the competing players.


How to form a group of players

  • Check the performance of the players

This is one of the important factors to consider. When you are going to select players for your team in starpick, you should check the performance rather than its name and fame. And when you select players by their name, they may not perform well and it will end badly. Famous players are expensive and in the end, they are just reducing your budget without adding any benefit. Thus, it is recommended that you should check the performance of the players and after getting an idea that they can do it or they are right for your team, then you should confirm them. 

  • Check the compatibility of the players 

Most of the time, it also happens that all are good players but they do not cope up with each other. Everyone is going in their direction and it becomes difficult to win the game if this happens. It doesn’t matter if 2 or 3 players do not play well but all the players should be compatible enough to play with each other.

  • Choose best batsmen

Cricket is a limited-overs game. Thus, it is common for top batsmen to play the maximum number of balls and it will give you a win. Thus, when you are selecting players for your virtual cricket team in startpick, you have to make sure that you are choosing the best batsmen as they will give you good points.

  • Select captain and vice-captain wisely

It is said that if you are choosing the head of the team wisely, choosing captain and vice-captain is also an important factor. You will be at ease after that. Most of the people want to become the captain and vice-captain but they don’t take responsibility. In a virtual cricket game, the captain gets 2x points and the vice-captain gets 1.5x points. If you choose the captains wisely, you will get more points. You can use the strategy of selecting the in-form all-rounder as their captain.

  • Choose the combination wisely 

Even in a virtual cricket game, you are required to select 11 players for a cricket team. Most of the players are flexible and they can make combinations with anyone. As a gamer in this game, you have the choice to choose a combination according to you so that your chances of winning will be more. 


After reading this article, you can see that grouping or selecting the players is quite a different task whether it is a virtual team or a real team. But when you have to choose the players, you are using your analytical thinking or skills. Thus, we can conclude that your soft skills are improving by playing the games. Online gaming platforms have taken an important place in our lives. Whenever anyone wants to play a game, they are not looking for people, they just open their device and select the application to play games. At this time, you consider choosing an application with multiple games but sometimes you want to play a single game. So, if you choose to play a variety of games, you should go with GetMega. Other cricket gaming is best on starpick. Have fun!

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