Chapped lips can be quite uncomfortable. Protecting and hydrating them is the only key to enjoying a smile and a laugher with confidence. Lip restoration care is often neglected but is an essential routine that everyone should learn.

Causes of chapped lips

Lip restoration care

  • Dry and windy weather drains moisture from the skin and the lips.
  • Frequent licking of lips dries the lips because saliva contains enzymes that dry the skin around the lips.
  • Allergic reactions to beauty products such as lip gloss, balm, anti-aging creams, cleansers, exfoliators, and even toothpaste
  • Some oral medications also cause chapped lips. Those using medications for high blood pressure, cancer, nausea, and acne may be the reason for chapped lips. If you read the instructions for some of these oral medications, chapped lips are listed as side effects.
  • Vitamin A deficiency can cause cracks on either side of the mouth and cause chapped lips. Inadequate amounts of folate, riboflavin, iron, and vitamin B2 can cause one to have cracked lips.
  • Yeast infection mostly appearing on the skin causing dry, chapped lips and at the corners of the mouth. These symptoms are indications of excess yeast produced in the body.
  • Excess amounts of Vitamin A- Too much Vitamin A in the body causes chapped lips especially, for those taking supplements.
  • Some illnesses may also be behind chapped lips. Lupus erythematosus, amyloidosis, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism, and Plummer-Vinson syndrome cause dry mouth and cracked chapped lips.

Tips to Treat Chapped Lips

1. Lip Balm

Lip Balm

Ordinarily, chapped lips heal on their own. However, if that doesn’t happen after a day or two, the dermatologist’s advice is to apply a thin layer of lip balm. Lip balms are made with a combination of emulsifying oils and wax that form a protective coat over the skin.

The best lip balm is an essential brand because it contains paraffin base or petroleum jelly that locks moisture in the skin, thus, protecting them from harsh elements and healing.

Most dermatologists will swear by Vaseline. Begin with it and see your lips restored in a matter of days. Be sure to pick a lip balm with a built-in sunscreen protector and reapplying several times a day.

Avoid lip balm with camphor, salicylic acid, fragrance because these ingredients can irritate the skin, compromise the skin barrier, and lead to dehydration, therefore, worsening the chapping of lips.

Non-medicated, unflavored lip balms are the best to restore chapped lips. Look for a lip balm with macadamia oil, almond oil, or Shea butter because they nourish and moisturize the lips sufficiently.

2. Hydrocortisone Cream

If the lips don’t improve after two days of using lip balm, you can buy 1 % hydrocortisone cream to treat chapped lips. Apply a small amount of the cream on the lips at bedtime.

In the morning, use Aquaphor. Keep using Aquaphor every evening and morning, and for good results, for the next few days. This ointment contains lanolin and panthenol, which are excellent moisturizers.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can apply coconut oil on the lips because it drips and spreads very fast. Similarly, the skin products you use for dry skin can be used for chapped lips.

3. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Always take plenty of water to stay well hydrated. When you’re hot and thirsty for so long, the body gets dry and shows by drying the lips. One of the easiest ways to have supple lips is to drink plenty of water during winter, or when engaging in physical activities.

4. Eat Fish And Fish Oils

Eat Fish And Fish Oils

Fish and other seafood are rich in fatty acids required for a healthy cell membrane. The cell membrane acts as a barrier to protect the skin from harmful things. It is also the passage for nutrients in and out of the body. Waste products also get out of the body through the membrane.

A healthy cell membrane protects the lips and keeps the moisture locked in for smooth, softer, and non-creased, subtle lips.

5. Use Lip Balm in Pots And Avoid Sticks

A creamy lip product penetrates the lips better than lip balm with wax. Long-wear lipsticks and matte especially, those that come in the sticks, contain wax that dries out the lips. Most women will agree that it’s quite uncomfortable dragging dry lipstick across the lips. The dryness further drains the lips leaving them chapped and irritated.

If you find your lips dry despite trying all the above tips, it’s advisable to see a doctor for further investigations.

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