Maintaining your teeth is important not just for feeding. Your teeth help you to speak since they are essential when pronouncing words. They also give you a smile that gives you confidence when going out into the world. You might have lost a tooth, but regardless of whether you have a top row of veneers or a full set of natural teeth, if you want to keep them, you have to maintain good oral health.

Below are five things that you can always do to make sure you keep your smile.

Brush the Right Way

The art of brushing is not just grabbing your brush and using the bristles to scrub your teeth. Your mouth is comprised of the hard palate, gums, and tongue. You should clean all these also. You start by placing your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your gumline. You then brush back then forth, up then down. Afterward, repeat the same for the inner surfaces of your teeth.

After you have repeated this for some time, turn your attention to your tongue and palate. Try not to apply the same intensity as you would your teeth. They are soft organs, and you should be gentle with them. The whole process should take about the length of a short song. You can use this opportunity to listen to a song you like and time yourself at the same time.

Oral Care

Change Your Brush Often and Keep It Clean

Because you use your brush inside your mouth, it is essential to keep it clean. You can have a cover over it when it is stored. Also, make sure to clean it before and after you have used it. Also, remember to let it dry first before you place it inside the cover.

Due to the normal wear and tear, bristles lose their ability to effectively clean. You should make sure you have your toothbrush replaced every 3 or 4 months.

Consider Ceramic Dental Implants

For those who have lost their teeth, they have probably gotten replacements like ceramic dental implants. Ceramic dental implants are the newest type of dental implant that is designed to be compatible with the tissues in your mouth.

Floss and Use Mouth Wash

Brushing alone might not be sufficient to reach all the areas between your teeth. In such cases, use a floss to get to those hard to reach places. Use a decent length such as a foot or longer to make sure that you use different sections of the floss. You should do this to avoid putting back what you have taken out from other areas of your mouth.

A mouthwash further intensifies the cleaning process by getting to the areas left out by the other two. It makes for a more thorough clean when the liquid slushes inside your mouth.

Do Not Miss Your Dental Checkups

You may have the oral hygiene part mastered, but still, you need to let the professionals have a look at your teeth every now and then. A decent frequency for dental checkups is biannual. Even though you observe these oral hygiene tips strictly, you may still have dental issues that are far beyond hygiene. A regular dentist’s appointment with the dentist in Oakland could save your teeth.

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