I’ve owned my own business for just under two years now and, until recently, have been keeping track of my employee time sheets (I currently have 5 active employees) by hand. As you can probably well imagine, it was definitely not the most efficient way to go about things. So, at the recommendation of a friend of mine, I decided to look for potential apps that could help me stay organized and drastically improve my efficiency so I could spend my time doing more important things – like being the boss.

The two I’m sharing with you below are absolute geKeep Track of Your Employees’ Work with Timecard Apps that, at this point, I absolutely wouldn’t be able to live without. I’ve used these consistently for months now and they’ve helped in cutting my workload by nearly 25%. Because of the successes I’ve had with these apps, I knew I needed to share them with you.

Hours Tracker – Rating: 4.5, Downloads: 500K

Hours Tracker helps you or your employees easily clock in and out of work manually or using the GPS location tracker on your mobile device. Because of this, you are able to track your hours automatically as soon as you arrive or leave work. In addition, there’s also a timesheet calculator feature that, aside from time, can also help you calculate tips, mileage, as well as tracking expenses for other categories – all in the same place. And, if you want to see how your hours, expenses and income have changed over time, you can visualize your past records and earning trends with detailed graphs and statistics.

However, if you want to track hours worked at more than 3 jobs or for a period of time longer than 24 hours, you will need to upgrade to the premium version. Hours Tracker does limit the amount of data you can see at once, but that’s only on the free version. You’ll have to decide if paying for the premium version is worth it or not to you.

Pros: Automatic clocking in and out, view reports for tips, mileage, and expenses over time

Cons: Can only record information for 3 jobs or fewer

Overall: As long as you only need to track information for a maximum of 3 jobs, you can have an automatic timecard on your mobile device

Calculate Work Hours – Rating: 4.0, Downloads: 500K


Unlike other timecard apps that are overflowing with complicated features, Calculate Work Hours only has the most essential tools for quickly calculating the hours you’ve worked. In addition, you can break down the time you’ve spent on individual jobs and activities as well as set the hourly rate for each one separately. There’s also a calculator to help you quickly estimate what your next paycheck will look like come next pay period.

Just know that Calculate Work Hours does not give you the option to add breaks. You can get around this by logging each work session as a different work period, but this can be a bit of a pain, so that’s something you’ll want to keep in mind.

Pros: Break down the time and hourly rates for different jobs you work, calculate your paycheck

Cons: Can’t automatically log breaks

Overall: Keep track of all your various jobs in one place but know that you can’t automatically add breaks throughout the day


Like I said before, using these apps have really changed the game for me in terms of how I am able to keep track of my employees and the amount of time they work throughout the week. My stress level is way down from what it was not four months ago, and I am truly ecstatic about it!

In case you’re someone who really likes to take a deep-dive into the apps you are considering before you download, I’ll include the link to the site where I first discovered these apps.

Best 10 Timecard Apps

It’s a top 10 list of the best timecard apps on the market. I haven’t even managed to try all of the ones listed on the website – I stopped after I found (and loved) these two – so maybe there’s another diamond out there just waiting for you to discover it.

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