Smart Checklist For Your School Trip

Planning for a school trip where your child will be leaving for more than a day can be a daunting task. You want to help them be as prepared as possible, but you don’t want to overwhelm them with your to-do list. This article will give you some great tips on planning the right way.

Get Your Supplies List and Pack Early

Many times schools will offer a list of necessary items for your trip. This usually includes clothes and supplies. Get and read this list as early as possible. Then mark anything on the list that you will have to buy. The earlier you do this the more time you will have to get your shopping done. When it comes to toiletries it is best to buy and pack more than you need. These items are usually smaller and easy to pack. This way if your child loses their toothbrush, they know they have another ready to go. After you have gotten together the items you already have and shopped for what you don’t have it is time to pack.


It is important to limit the bags you pack for your child. One or two bags should be the max. Remember you won’t be there to help them keep their things together to make it as easy as possible. Let them pick the clothes they want to wear, and consider the climate of where they are going, and pack things like an extra sweater or warm weather products like sunscreen if they will need them. Include a bag for wet and dirty clothes so they won’t mix them up as well.

You may also pack a small bag of snacks and small things to entertain them that they will carry with them as they travel. This will also help them keep up with their phones or other gadgets.

Think About Money

If your child is going on a school trip, many of the times money are optional. However, it is a good idea to send them some money for emergencies or just to buy some fun things on their trip. This can be concerning because how much to give is up to you, and it can be hard to know the right amount to send them with. Usually, any amount under $50 is great for buying small things like souvenirs or food. Talk to your child about the importance of many management skills. Some parents choose to forgo cash and buy their child a prepaid debit card and only a small amount of cash for their trips. Either way, make sure that your child has practice keeping up with either money or debit cards. There are many such things which one should plan or keep in mind for their child school trip. So if your school is looking for a way to plan a school trip, online resources can be great to keep up with all this kind of stuff one needs to know and plan for their kid and know all this one can try places like Sure Thing schoolies travel and can make the most out of it for planning the trips.

Stay Healthy

If your child needs to take a daily medication, make sure that they understand when and how they should take it, even if their chaperone will be helping them. It is important for them to take their personal health in their hands. They should know their allergies and any foods they are sensitive to. They should be able to comfortably talk about their health needs with chaperones and their peers.

Stay Safe

It is very important that your child knows basic safety protocols as they discover a new place. Things like never talking to strangers, always staying with your group, and following all rules should be discussed before the trip. If your child works with the school rules there is no reason for them to ever be unsafe.

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