Beards look great as long as you put work into maintaining them. Learn five beard care tips that will keep your facial hair looking sharp.

Over half of the men surveyed in 2017 said they had a beard at least some of the time, so obviously it’s a popular choice for many men.

The problem is that its easy to get overwhelmed and forget to take care of that facial hair.

What do you need to do to maintain healthy hair and grow a great beard?

Keep reading to learn some beard care tips and find out what you need to do for a healthier beard.

5 Beard Care Tips to Know

Growing out, a beard is not as simple as just waiting for the hair to grow. You have to maintain the look of it and ensure it is becoming the way that you want it to.

By taking these five beard care tips, you can get the beard you’ve always wanted and got the look you’ve been going for.

1. Wash Your Beard

The first thing to remember is that you have to wash your beard. Remember that it is still hair, so using shampoo will help it remain clean, smell great, and prevent buildup from sweat or oil.

You don’t have to buy a special beard wash if you don’t want to, but it can be beneficial to find a shampoo that is free of sulfates and only uses natural ingredients.

2. Hydrate Your Beard

After shampooing your beard a few times a week, you also need to make sure it is hydrated. This will help your beard remain shiny and soft.

Beard oil is a great way to add hydration back into your beard hair and maintain its appearance. If you’re looking for beard oil for black men, Dapper Mane has some great products to consider.

Not only does oil help your beard hair, but it also will moisturize your skin under the beard, prevent itchiness, and maintain hair follicle health.

3. Trim Your Beard and Neckline

If you are looking for a clean look, you have to trim your beard. Untrimmed beards tend to look uncared for, and if you’re going to grow hair around your face, you probably want to ensure it looks good.

Keep your beard at a right trim level by using scissors instead of trimmers. Trimmers may create split ends and scissors let you be more specific to your face shape and the beard shape that follows.


It would help if you let your beard grow out for at least two months before you start taking scissors to it, however, to ensure that you know what it is going to look like, After this, you can begin to cut off uneven spots or trim loose ends.
The exception to not using a trimmer on your beard is on your neckline. Trim this area bi-weekly. Use two fingers and put them on your Adam’s apple to find where you need to trim your beard down to.

4. Brush or Comb Your Beard

You have to brush your beard every day to keep it looking its best. It keeps everything tidy and also distributes the beard oil throughout the hair.

You can train your hair to grow down instead of out by brushing it, which makes it easier to maintain. You also can get rid of beard dandruff by regularly cleaning or combing the beard hair.

5. Keep Your Body Healthy

Every part of your appearance is generally going to reflect how healthy you are overall. If you have an unhealthy diet or don’t get enough sleep, your presence is going to suffer.

Your hair, skin, and nails are all impacted by the decisions you make about your health. Make sure you exercise, get enough sleep, eat well, and limit your alcohol use for the healthiest beard you can get.

Care for Your Hair

You may be going through an awkward stage with your beard or are trying to decide if it is worth the time to grow one.
Regardless of where you’re at in your beard journey, remember that you shouldn’t give up too early! With these beard care tips, you also can have a great looking, healthy beard that others will make others envious.

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