Gone are the years when the hair on the chest was the only sign of virility and an invincible weapon of male seduction. Today those parameters have changed; shaving pubic hair had long been an exclusive subject of women and is now an increasingly frequent trend in men.

The beard has always been a symbol of intelligence. Has anyone been able to write a philosophical essay or a song of the wall of sound electronic noise underground without trying on the beard while doing it? No. The beard brings intelligence and serenity and also covers your chin if you have ugly. The latter is the most important.

Some parts of body hair, such as axillary or pubic hair, have the function of protecting the areas in which they appear; so the elimination of it would be a serious danger to our health and would entail the impossibility of being able to make braids with it. And, as we all know, the fashions are changing and we can never know if tomorrow what will hit the internet will be the braids in the armpits. You have to be prepared.

Shaving or not shaving, that’s the question. It seems a trivial issue, but for many men, it is a real dilemma. We are facing one of the most important issues of the 21st century. Nowadays, it is almost more common to find a shaved male than with hair. And we talk about all kinds of body hair: from the legs to the arms passing through the chest or back.

And Manscaped Shark Tank is the correct Way to clean all type of Your Body Hair.

Although there are many who have it clear and are happy with their integral hair removal, many others are assailed by the question: what do women prefer? Do they like a bear-like or a baby-like man more? To find out, since ‘Ask men’ have asked eight women, and, truth, fully shaved men have few fans, specifically one.

 Among the advantages of genital hair removal are increased hygiene, comfort, aesthetics and sexual attractiveness.

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A survey done states that 40% of men shave because they are uncomfortable with the hair, doing so they feel comfortable; 20% do it to surprise their partner and another 20% only when they have privacy.

Member adds the following reasons why cut off pubic hair is an active rescue in the middle of men:

1. Better hygiene

Without pubic hair, the crotch is fresher, less sweaty and free of bacteria.  And feel Better hygiene.

2. larger member

 Shaving the crotch in no way makes the penis look bigger than it is; However, many men do it not only to get along with their partners but to feel good about themselves.

3. There are no painful pulls

One of the drawbacks of pubic hair is that they tend to get stuck in boxers and zippers. When shaving, this annoyance ends.

4. Without Urine

Occasionally, pubic hair will fall through the opening of the penis. If the man is not aware of this fact, the hair can absorb the flow of urine, which generates a bad smell and irritation.

5. New Sensations

A hairless penis makes new tangible sensations, for both men and women; if she is also bald, skin to skin touch will increase pleasure.

6. Easy inspection

 Passing the hand along a bare groin allows the man to more easily feel any lump or abnormality in the skin.

Shaving pubic hair brings many benefits to men but you have to have certain considerations.

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