With modular kitchen enjoying great popularity among homeowners, there are many who are turning their heads and taking notice of this modern kitchen. A modular kitchen is a kitchen that you can disassemble and bring with you to your new home. Modular kitchens are designed by interior designers and hence do not come cheap. But what does a modular kitchen cost are justified because once you buy the kitchen, you do not have to install a new one every time you move places, further benefits have been discussed in this article later.

The units of a modular kitchen are divided into two categories:

  • Wall cabinets; comprising of all the wall units like shelves, hooks, etc.
  • Floor cabinets; comprising of floor cabinets, tables, sink, etc.

The modular kitchen can be made of different materials, so there is no pressure on you to buy a modular kitchen made of wood. If you live in a small apartment and you are wondering if you can get a modular kitchen, then please visit the local store that sells modular kitchens. Modular kitchens can be installed in any kind of kitchen, be it small or large.

What to expect in a modular kitchen module?

In a modular kitchen module, you will get all the units that are important in your kitchen like say sink. The parts are as follows:

  • Cabinets
  • Chimney
  • Inbuilt oven
  • Hob
  • Dishwasher
  • Refrigerator
  • Internal accessories

The advantages of modular kitchen

The benefits of a modular kitchen can also be taken as factors that contribute to the high modular kitchen costs. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

  • Modular kitchens make better use of the kitchen space:

Since these kitchens are professionally planned, they have better storage planning. Apart from that, there is enough workspace for two people to move around in the kitchen without any obstructions.

  • Special systems can only be found in modular kitchens:

Unique systems in the modular kitchen include lazy Susan attachments, plate holders, garbage holders, cutlery holders, wire tray, carousels, and bottle racks.a

  • Low-maintenance kitchens:

A low-maintenance kitchen makes every homeowner smile wide. Modular kitchens are water-resistant and have smooth surfaces. Due to the water-resistant surface, they are pretty easy to clean. Wipe the kitchen surface and cabinets off with a mild detergent.


  • Modular kitchens are ready to install kitchens:

Since these kitchens can be installed as soon as you buy them, they save you from the dust and the noise that would have occurred if the kitchen was built from scratch on-site. Also, a kitchen made from scratch would have taken days, while the modular kitchen can be installed in a day, and you would not have to rush outside to get your breakfast in the morning, the next day.

  • Easy uninstallation:

Homeowners love the easy install of modular kitchens, but they love the uninstallation process more as it is super fast and easy. Modular kitchen costs are so high because of this ease and how greatly convenient it is to take your kitchen anywhere with you.

  • Can be installed without professional help:

Modular kitchens can be installed without the need of any professional. They come with an installation guide, and if you are still unsure, you can always watch YouTube videos or read up articles on the modular kitchen installation process. Since you do not have to call in a professional, you do not have to pay the fees of the expert.

  • The durability factor is quite high:

Modular kitchens rank high when it comes to durability. The modular kitchen manufacturers mainly use plywood to build a modular kitchen, and very few tend to use MDF, but they add extra protection to keep the durability high. Plywood is used by the majority of the manufacturers because plywood is an excellent water-resistant material, especially boiling water. In some of the modular kitchens, you will find aluminum-coated 27 inch undermount sink cabinets.

  • Modular kitchen beats regular kitchen when it comes to versatility:

Modular kitchens tend to be more versatile than regular onsite built kitchens. You can choose the color of your choice. They are also available in various finishes like glossy and matte.

Disadvantages Of Modular Kitchens

 Modular kitchens also have some disadvantages; they are as follows:

  • Modular kitchen cost

Modular kitchens cost double the amount than regular standard kitchens. The price starts at 1 lakh, and it can go up further depending on the material used in the making of the kitchen and the special systems included in it. The layout can also play a role in the pricing of the kitchen.

  • Regular cleaning is required

Modular kitchens require frequent cleaning because if you do not, the kitchen will quickly collect Grimes and dirt. So a regular wipe off is essential.

  • Requires frequent repairs

These kitchens need frequent maintenance because usually the hinges and the system become loose with use. Some units of the kitchen may also require replacement.

Although there are disadvantages, the disadvantages are few as compared to the advantages, so make a wise decision!

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