Since the Victorian age, mirrors have served an essential purpose in human life. Different communities have used them for various purposes. While some have been using them to summon good luck, others use them for grooming. One of the most common uses of mirrors has been decoration. Decorative wall mirrors strategically positioned in different areas in homes have been seen to add aesthetic appeal to the spaces. Here are the different ways you can use decorative mirrors in your bedroom to add beauty.

1. Decorative mirror on the closet doors on entrance

closet doors


One of the most strategic places to mount a wall mirror in your bedroom is on the closet door. What makes mirrored closet doors a smart way of using mirrors in your home is that it becomes part of your furniture and saves on space? When placed in the entrance, they make your bedroom look bigger and extend across the hallway.

If your bedroom has small windows, you could use big mirrors on the closet doors to act as a stand-in window. If you have a closet extending across the wall, you can mirror it entirely: this will double your room. If you are looking to create a harmonious ambiance in your bedroom, you can mirror parts of your closet doors. Geometrically designed mirrors on your closet doors can add some drama to your furniture, Getting a mirror cut to size rather than a standard size is much better because this way it will fit the wall nicer

2. The Rising Sun Mirror Over the bed wall

Rising Sun Mirror

Having a mirror above your bed is a great idea. A rising sun mirror over your bed will make the whole difference. You can balance small and large pieces of rising sun mirrors above your bed to create a focal point. These will bring a relaxing character to your bedroom too. You can also clad your headboard with rising sun mirrors to give your bed a sophisticated design, and bring about French style.

3. Large decorative wall mirror over the sidewall

wall mirror

Installing a large mirror on the sidewall of your bedroom is a useful trick of making space look larger. Also, it will seamlessly double your room visually. If the sidewall is opposite your window, it can help bring nature into your bedroom. Note that the green porch outside will be reflected, making it seem like it is in the middle of the room. It can also act as a stand-in window if your bedroom does not have one.

If strategically positioned, a mirror on the sidewall can also do a great job of making your room brighter. A mirror covering the entire sidewall is the perfect tool for reflecting the fantastic furniture and art that your bedroom holds. A decorative wall mirror with a frame that blends with your interior design and adds sophistication to your space.

You can use different shapes, square, oval, circle, and octagon to create a focal point on the sidewall. If the sidewall has blemishes, a decorative wall mirror will effectively draw attention away from them, making your room appear perfect.

4. Decorative full-length mirror

Decorative full-length mirror

A full-length decorative mirror on a wall adjacent to your door will create an impression of your room extending further into the hallway. A full-length mirror slightly slanted to reflect the ceiling can elongate the distance between the bedroom floor and the roof, making your room airier. Also, ensure that the light the full-length mirror receives is from the sides. Therefore, placing it opposite the table lamp would be a good idea.

If you are working with a framed full-length mirror, you might want to consider painting it. The best color to choose would be one of your accent colors to create harmony in your space. A DIY mosaic to your full-length decorative wall mirror can also help in springing it back to life. You can use crushed glass, tiles, shells, and glue to mosaic it.

Ornamental mirrors are also known to bring personality to your space. Using beads, laser cut-outs, and hand-carved frames can do the trick.

Mirrors can be both functional and decorative. It all depends on how you use them. While there are many shapes, styles, and sizes to choose from, you must put into consideration your interior design and the architecture of your home while picking them. This is the only way that you can get the most out of a decorative wall mirror. If you are looking to add a dramatic effect to your rather plain bedroom furniture, you can choose geometric mirrors. Full-length length mirrors are best used on the sidewalls of your bedroom. A rising sun mirror, on the other hand, would do well above your bed. While choosing a mirror for your bedroom, you should be open-minded and creative. The good thing is that it is unlikely to go wrong with any mirror design you choose. You can use the insights above, too, while choosing a decorative wall mirror for your bedroom.

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