Right as you launch your Airbnb business, you usually come up with the idea of listing optimization to enhance its positions in the search results. Adding attractive high-quality photos to your listing provides an opportunity to improve the click-through-rate (CTR) of your listing, to outperform other hosts by increasing the booking rate and to earn more.

Pictures are the number one tool for cost-effective and time-tested Airbnb promotion, which helps your guests to receive additional information about the short-term rental property, facilities, and other competitive advantages. At the same time, it helps hosts to receive more views of the listing and booking inquiries.

Airbnb states that hosts with professional pictures can earn up to 40% more and get 24% more bookings at a higher price.

Use the tool smartly to boost your business!

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How to Take Awesome Quality Photos for an Airbnb Listing


1. Plan out the photoshoot

Be a director of your short still movie and create a plan of what places of the venue you would like to highlight: angles, furniture, equipment, light. This is a very basic thing you are to complete, so be creative and think of what you would like to see most if you were a guest.

2. Ensure thorough cleaning

You should not underestimate the value of perfectly clean surfaces. Your photos are your advertising: make it as flattering and attractive as you can. No one would like to book a short-term rental property on Airbnb if there are fingerprints on the furniture, dust on the table or if the towels on your photos don’t look fresh enough.

3. Create a special festive atmosphere for your guests

Add some flowers and some decor, style the curtains. You can get some inspiration in IKEA catalogs, vacation rental websites, design blogs, or Pinterest. Save the ideas you find aesthetically attractive and then try to become your own designer. At the same time, avoid over decorating, remember: sometimes less is more.

4. Take care of the light

Schedule the photo shooting for the time when the sunlight is in the rooms, and it makes the space look gorgeous and beautiful. Play with light – it is always better to take pictures on a sunny day when the sunbeams highlight the most beautiful details in the venue.

5. Pick up the high-quality equipment for taking Airbnb pics

You can use a great camera, hire a professional photographer, or use the latest iPhone to ensure your photos are stunning, and every single pixel works for you and your business.

6. Landscape, not portrait pictures: and that’s it

Hold the camera horizontally, no matter how high the seduction of holding it vertically is. It provides the best opportunity for a photo preview in your listing and speaks for the photo quality and for your reasonable approach to a photo shoot.

7. Exposition

Perhaps, one of the decisive factors for nice-quality Airbnb photos is the exposition. Search for nice examples online, consult photographers, look through the do’s, and don’ts in other articles to create an exposition that would work for you.

8. Focus on the important objects you guests are searching for

When searching for vacation rental options, clients are not likely to make decisions based on the decorations of the hall: they look for a comfortable and large bed, equipped kitchen, clean and neat bathroom. This way if you want to make your listing successful think like a guest: what things would you pay attention to?

9. Variety of pictures

To help a guest build a complete impression of your place, make sure you take pics from different angles, make them look versatile and captivating, like a mini-tour. Add as many pictures as you can, because some hosts upload just 2 or 3 photos, and their guests cannot make a general impression of the place.

10. Photo editing and enhancement

Any quality pictures should be edited using filters, color balance, and other tools to make them look like from a design magazine and catch the eye of the client. Use help, download special apps, read on how to process photos for Airbnb to make them look their best.

11. Photo order in your Airbnb listing

Start uploading the photos from the bedroom, then the living room, then the bathroom, and then the kitchen. It looks familiar, reasonable, and informative.

12. Make photo captions

If you have multiple rooms or take pictures from different angles, it may not always be clear which room is which. Captions help guests to get an idea about your entire property without missing anything.

13. Regular update

Make sure you update the photos in your listing to avoid a situation when nothing from the furniture, decorations, and equipment on the photos match the actual objects in the property. Nothing makes guests more discouraged than a situation when the photos don’t match reality.

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