Of course, it has been long ingrained in Thai culture for children to respect and take care of their parents when they grow up. Indeed, for many young couples who are both working, they rely heavily on their own parents to take care of the children while they are at work and this is another reason to make sure that your parents are comfortable when they reach their mature years.

Take out Life Insurance for your Parents

Life Insurance

There is affordable elderly health insurance for 60 years old and more from a leading Thai insurance provider and when the policy matures, your parents will receive a tidy amount that they can live on during their retirement. The premiums are low enough that you and your partner can afford to make the payments and should the worst happen, the insurance will more than cover the funeral costs.

Build an Extension on your Home


When your parents are ready for some domestic support, why not build an extension on your home? This will allow your parents to live with you and get the essential support that they need in their later years. If they sell their home, they can live with you rent-free with your support and this is the best way to help your parents in later life. If you are looking to recharge your batteries over the weekend, click here.

Weekend Visits

Weekend Visits

If your parents live within driving distance, sacrifice some of your free time and pay them a visit; bring some fruit and other goodies and if you have kids, bring them along, as people love to spend time with their grandkids. They might not say much, but a visit from your children is always warmly received and this is even more important if they live in a remote area of the country. Here is some UNICEF information about family life.

Video Calls

Video Calls

In the event you live a long away from your parents, you can teach your mother and father how to use Zoom or Skype, which you can use to stay in touch. Arrange a time at the weekends when you and your family can have a video call with your parents and make their day. Half an hour in the middle of the week means a lot to those who are mainly at home and mental well-being is important for elderly people.



If you have the time, why not arrange to take your parents to a resort for a few days? This gives you a chance to recharge your batteries and spend some quality time with mom and dad, who won’t be around forever. It is easy to overlook our parents, with the pressures of modern living that we all face, so do take the time to change your parents’ environment now and then.

As we get older and life gets more complex, it is easy to forget about the people we love and we hope that after reading this, you will call your mom or dad and arrange a visit.

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