Laminate floors are generally considered easy to clean. Also, it offers the best protection from scratch or tear. But there is a catch. They are scratch prone if you do not know how to clean them with proper caution. With the appropriate cleaning and care, you can keep it looking like new floors so if you have newly installed laminate flooring and looking for some ways you need to follow clean and keep the laminate floors in optimal shape.  Here is How to Clean Your Laminate Floors Safely.

Do basic daily cleaning

For laminate floors, there is a lot of things you can do to keep it clean, but the basic cleaning is what you need to do daily. You need to have the patience to not giving up at some point because although it might seem like a tedious process, being consistent with the basic cleaning routine. You do not need to spend that much time to do it either. In return, it will keep your floor’s appearance.

Eliminate all stain first

Do you know what the biggest problem with laminated floors is? It catches moisture. So it is crucial to eliminate any small part of food spill as soon as possible. If you are a social person, then laminate floors are going to be very hard to keep off the scratches and dirt. A glass of spilled wine or a glass of water can be a nightmare for your floor. So you should clean the area as soon as you can.

Use natural cleaners

Exposure to moisture for a long time can lead to discoloration, which will look disgusting on the floor.  If you have spilled food on the floor, then clean it with a paper towel or a rag. Then wash it off with some natural cleaner. Vinegar is the most readily available natural cleaner you will get.

Give it a little sweep

Give a sweep to the floor every day to keep you safe from dust and dirt. Give attention to the areas where food is eaten or cooked. Kitchen is vulnerable to stain and food scraps. Collect and scrape off food residue from the floor.

Do a deep cleaning at least once a week

Doing a weekly deep cleaning necessary for the laminate floor. Give it a deep cleaning at least one day per week. Here are some better strategies you can for deep cleaning Laminate Floors safely.


Get rid of the residue dirt

Even after giving sweep to the floor, there can be dry food hanging on the floor. For that, the vacuum can help you to get rid of any dirt left there. There is a lot of best vacuum for laminate floors you can get. They will clean every corner of your house. Make sure you Vacuum on the bare or wood setting for being extra sure. It will help you be safe from scratches of vacuum as the wood setting does not have a rotating brush.

Clean hard to reach areas with a dust mop

Some of us have loads of dirt behind our furniture. It is not only bad for health but also bad for the laminate floors. So reach every nook and corner by the dust mop. Wash it after every use, or you will end up spreading dirt more than cleaning it.

What to avoid

Do not use Bleach on laminate floors

Bleach is the worst thing for laminate floors. Also, other harsh chemicals should not be used either. Look for cleaning products that are specialized for laminate floors like vinegar, regular laundry detergent, and water.

Avoid applying too much water

Do not add too much water while using your cleaning products. Using too much liquid on the floor may result in damaging the floor. As mentioned, moisture is what damages the laminate floor most. So always keep it dry and clean of any moisture.

How often to use Laminate floor cleaner

Once a month, ideally if you want to keep your floor clean and germ-free, you do not really need to apply more than that Laminate floor cleaner. It will make sure your floor shines and keeps the shine for many years.

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