What if we say you can trounce Amazon & Wikipedia in terms of Google keyword rankings? That’s not a thigh-slapper! Yes, Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest guy, but the power of SEO is boundless, just require industry experience & in-depth knowledge to script your own success story.

Hey, still not convinced? So, now we put forth the step-by-step guide on how to rank above Wikipedia & Amazon-

Let’s Compete with Retail Giant Amazon

A Robust SEO Strategy Is Way The Ahead

Without an SEO action plan, it is next to possible to edge out Amazon for SERP pages. Include the fundamental tactics of search engine optimization; there is no rocket science here. Focus on long-term keywords. Since Amazon has a stronghold over the generic one-to-two words search queries, but often not focused on long-term keywords and here is the opportunity to pounce on. Local SEO in India implementation can prove to be quite worthwhile to get higher rankings in your prospective target market. Content marketing is another big factor that can make or break your ever-long pursuit of achieving higher rankings than the worldwide retail powerhouse Amazon. Create something powerful & knee-jerking to outrank Amazon.


SEO Copywriting of the Highest Order

Well, Amazon has the freedom to have one-liner descriptions with products and still conqueror their revenue goals, but you can’t since people don’t trust your business by name. So, the description must illustrate the product you are selling, just like a demo. Besides being catchy, the few lines on the product page must give many valid reasons to buy it. So, you can either hone your copywriting skills or let a proficient wordsmith do his/her job.

The Big Offers

While it is tough to beat Amazon prices, especially it’s now and then mega sales, but you compete with them by presenting special discounts & deals at least for a day or two. With sales, you clear up your blocked warehouse; this is a kind of better warehouse management strategy.

Now, Let’s Compete with Knowledge Giant Wikipedia


What is Wikipedia? It is a sea of information, and to make it sound & clear, you just can’t beat Wikipedia with an overnight SEO trick. This resourceful platform has strict editor rules & regulations to maintain quality, and it is tough to take them out. But, that doesn’t mean you stop competing with Wikipedia, similar to the Amazon strategy described earlier, you can bring people to your site by offering something unique & useful. These include: not only have content on your portal but also put forth expert advice curated by human souls. For instance, you administrate a tech portal for promoting that reach out to bloggers/digital influencers for interviews and guest articles. Doing so, you will portray a strong brand image with the strokes of expertise & experience.

To Wrap Up

Smart & hard work go hand-in-hand in this present digital neck-throat world. You need someone, who is willing to put in the hard yards and has an innovative SEO mindset, in other words, contact ImarkInfotech for bespoke SEO services in India.

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