If you have more than one page on Facebook then you know it can get tough sometimes to manage them efficiently. In such situations, you must have often wondered “Can I merge two Facebook pages with different names?

The need to merge two Facebook pages with different names is prevalent, whether you are an admin of a Facebook group or have a Business page on FB. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know on how to merge two Facebook pages, the benefits of merging Facebook pages as well as learn how long does it take to merge Facebook pages.

What is the need to merge Facebook Pages?

Merging two Facebook Pages

Most probably, you must have started a Facebook page as a test but now it needs to be improved. Or, you may have plans to expand. There are several scenarios that can result in the need to merge Facebook pages with different names.

Some of the reasons that people ask, can I merge two Facebook pages with different names are:

  • You have lost the admin rights to your original page but recovered the admin rights after having launched another Facebook page.
  • You have two personal pages and one business account on Facebook. This goes against the terms stipulated under Facebook’s Terms & Conditions. So, you have converted one of the personal pages into a business page and wish to merge the two business Facebook pages with different names.
  • You wish to create a second, global Facebook page for your business to keep the local and international customers separate.
  • You ended up having multiple business pages somehow but now want to merge them together for better management.
  • Your business needs a local business page on FB but does not have one presently.
  • The title of your business Facebook page differs from your business name. After you created a business page with the correct title, now you wish to merge the two pages together for more efficiency.

Points to Consider before Merging two Facebook Pages

Although there are easy ways to merge two or more Facebook pages with different names, there are several factors that need to be considered.

Some of the main points that you need to ensure before attempting to merge two differently named Facebook pages are:

  • You should hold the admin rights to the two Facebook pages you wish to merge together.
  • Although the names of the two soon-to-be-merged Facebook pages are not the same, make sure that the names are significantly similar to each other.
  • The address of the two local Facebook pages should be the same.
  • Keep the name of the combined Facebook pages the same as it helps to ease the merging process.
  • The details given in the two Facebook pages, such as in the ‘About’ section and the ‘Contact’ information, should be the same.
  • Find out how many “places” Pages for your business are currently active on Facebook.
  • List the number of likes and check-ins on your Facebook pages.
  • Create and pin a post to promote the merging of your two Facebook pages.
  • Download a backup of every Facebook page you wish to merge together.

If you do not get the option to merge two Facebook pages together, then it is highly advisable to contact Facebook and request a review of your application to merge the pages.

Stepwise Guide on How to Merge Facebook Pages with Different Names

Although the process to merge two separate Facebook pages with different names has been made quite easy by the social media giant, there are several factors that need to be taken care of to ensure a smooth, hassle-free merging.

Check out what you need to do when trying to merge Facebook pages:

1. Claim your pages –

Claim your pages

Make sure your Facebook pages do not have campaigns running on them. In case “places” pages have been created make a list of all so you can start to claim them one by one.

2. Merging your pages –

Merging your pages

Once you’ve claimed all relevant pages, you can start the merging process. Change the name of the secondary page to the same as that of the original (main) page it is set to be merged with.

3. ‘About’ section –

about section

Change/modify the information in the “about” section of both pages to make them similar significantly. Download and save important information during this step.

Once the merging process is completed, follow the below-given steps to launch the merged pages successfully:

  1. Refresh your media assets by choosing new profile pictures, cover image,s and details in the ‘about’ section.
  2. Set the newly merged pages as local pages to allow easier check-ins from customers.
  3. Get the revered ‘blue tick’ by having your Facebook business page verified.


Hopefully, now that you are aware of how long does it take to merge Facebook pages, you will be able to streamline your business management better.

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