Facebook is undeniably one of the most popular social platforms and marketing channels on the planet. According to Hootsuite statistics, in 2022 Facebook registered nearly 3 billion active users worldwide. The sheer number of active users is undoubtedly the most remarkable advantage of Facebook advertising.

Facebook Advertisting

(Source Hootsuite)

However, next to the obvious wide reach of the platform, there are other powerful advantages for businesses looking to invest in paid advertising. Here are the top benefits of Facebook ad campaigns for your business:

1. Access to your desired target audience

Having access to the largest user database spread across many demographics means you will most certainly find your desired target audience among them.

In addition to that, since the acquisition of Instagram in 2012, Facebook has extended its ad network, allowing advertisers to display their ads on both platforms reaching even more prospects with their marketing message.

Facebook has incredible targeting capabilities, to help you narrow down the demographic for your specific ad campaign. For many products and services, you can target based on age, interests, gender, language, location, and more. Even target your competitors’ fans, combine data or exclude groups, to get a well-defined specific target audience that will help you deliver great results.

2. Efficient retargeting campaigns

Facebook advertising is a great way to engage with your followers. Remarketing campaigns can significantly boost your marketing efforts by keeping your followers engaged with your brand and building strong connections that will subsequently drive them to convert again.

(Source Adobe)

A study by Adobe has found that 40% of sales revenue comes from remarketing, whereas returning website customers are around 8%.

Therefore it is a good practice to keep one remarketing campaign always on to target returning customers who convert much better. Allocating more budget to target them will deliver a potentially higher ROI, than spending your marketing budget solely on new prospects.

3. Target prospects with similar interests to your customers

Facebook uses data from your ad campaign to create similar audiences for you to target. These groups of potential prospects with statistically similar profiles are called lookalike audiences. If subsequently to your source audience, you target lookalike audiences in your ad campaigns, converting just as well as your source audience, you will see increased conversions and revenue.

4. High engagement rate on the platform

Statistics show that Facebook users are more likely to click on ads than any other social media platform users. Facebook’s strong engagement rate is one of the reasons businesses find it highly beneficial to invest in advertising on the platform. 

5. Fast tangible results 

Lastly, one of the most powerful benefits of paid ads campaigns is that they deliver fast tangible results. If set up the right way, there is no reason your Facebook Ads can’t start delivering inquiries and revenue as soon as they go live. 

The first step is to set up your campaign in Ad Manager and submit it for approval. Reviewing usually takes up to 24 hours. Once your ads have been reviewed by Facebook they will go live and start showing your ad to your chosen target audience. Facebook ads can deliver incredibly fast results, as setting up the campaign and getting the message in front of your target audience can be achieved in just a couple of days. 


There are many other benefits of investing in Facebook ads, however, like any paid advertising, it has its complexities and you could find greater results and ROI are achieved when managed through experienced experts. 

The purpose of this guide is to help business owners understand the opportunities Facebook advertising can deliver and help them make informed decisions as to whether to leverage the potential of this marketing channel and get the expected result to consider employing professional paid ad management services.

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