If you run an online business, then you know how important it is to get leads to ensure that your sales channel doesn’t run dry. As important as this is, it is a very challenging task especially if you lack a quality system that will enable you to get the contacts of prospective customers.

The lead generation sales funnel is a quality system that will help you get leads without much hassle. However, you can’t use this lead funnel if you don’t know how to set it up. Therefore, apart from telling you what it is all about, we will also guide you on how to set up yours.

Before we go into all that, you need to know something important first…

What a Sales Funnel is

The sales funnel is a path through which a customer follows to purchase your service or product starting from when they first heard about your service or product.

The sales funnel has three parts:

  • Top of the funnel otherwise known as ToFu: This is where the general target audience is.
  • Middle of the funnel otherwise known as MoFu: Here you will find potential customers.
  • Bottom of the funnel otherwise known as BoFu: This part is where the new and current customers exist.

Sales funnel is a necessity for online businesses if they want to turn target audience individuals into leads (potential customers) before making them existing customers.

Sales Funnel

What Lead Generation Sales Funnel is

Lead generation sales funnel is simply your ToFu (top of the sales funnel). This is where your target audience is and you try to get their attention. To do this, you will have to provide them with a very interesting and irresistible lead magnet. It is this lead that will cause them to make the click that will take them to your landing page so that they can submit their contact info.

These individuals only become leads once their contact info has been given to you. After this, you then have to move them through MoFu until they get to you.

How to Set Up a Lead Generation Funnel

Follow the steps below carefully to set up your lead funnel:

1. Know your Target Audience

Target Audience

It is obvious that you cannot get leads if you don’t know who you are reaching out to. While you might feel that your product or service is for general consumption, it is usually not the case.

Therefore, focus on that group of people who are truly buying what you are selling. This is easy to assess if your business is already in existence. If your business hasn’t started then you can make an informed guess by studying the market. Click here to learn steps on how to find your target audience.

2. Recognize your Target Audience Problem

For you to help them and market your products, you must know their problem or problems as the case may be. To recognize this, you need to research. Go online and read the conservations, follow relevant hashtags, join online forums, etc.

The basis for all this is to discover a problem your target audience has that is closely related or one that you can solve with your product or service.

3. Design a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is simply anything that will solve the problem of your model customers. Examples of such include eBooks, email courses, video courses, spreadsheets, cheat sheets, etc.

When design the lead magnet, ensure that the format it is presented in is one that a large majority of your model customers will be willing to receive. Ensure that you put in enough work to make the lead magnet valuable as possible.

4. Design a Lead Magnet Landing Page

The lead magnet can only be gotten when the potential customer visits the landing page you gave created. The page should be designed as you would a sales page with the exception being that you get the email address of the customer instead of money.

You don’t have to make the page lengthy, as there is no need to sell the magnet since it is free. This is why they are referred to as squeeze pages.

But if you choose to “be more”, then you can have a full-blown sales page. It also has its advantages as it makes it more appealing to the viewer. This will cause more people to transform into leads. Visit https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/fantastic-landing-page-examples to check out some examples of some amazing landing pages.

5. Build a Lead Nurturing Email Autoresponder Sequence

Build a Lead Nurturing Email

The truth is that you don’t have the time to manually send all your leads an email one after the other. Besides, it not making sense, it is ineffective. Instead, make use of a lead nurturing email autoresponder sequence. An email sequence will automatically send mail to all who downloaded your magnet.

What should the sequence do?

  • It should offer the prospective customer value.
  • Make the customer receptive to purchase your front-end product or service.
  • Create your product or service sales pitch.

6. Drive Traffic to the Landing Page of the Lead Magnet

Creating a landing page is not enough; you should seriously drive traffic to the page. You can do this through paid advertising on Instagram or Facebook. This will help you discover quickly if the generation funnel is operating optimally.

While paid advertising is good for short-term and instant results, we recommend you pay more attention to SEO. When done properly, you will be able to stop paid advertising. That will also save you some money that can be channeled to other areas of your business.

7. Keep Improving using Data Analysis

After a while, you will be able to gather data on the conversion rates of your ad, landing page, and lead to customer transformation. With this, you can now analyze the data to find out if there are ways you can improve. If you get feedback, do not discard them. Learn how to use feedback to increase your conversion rate.

When doing this, do not be afraid to experiment. At the same time, have reliable data to help you retrace your step in case you make a wrong experiment.


Lead generation is not as difficult as many think when done with a reliable system. We are sure that with the steps we have provided above, you won’t have much difficulty with it either.

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