You haven’t had guests in a while, and you couldn’t be more excited because finally, some will be coming to stay! You’ll get to enjoy the company of good people and play tourist guide. Since you enjoy spending time with your friends, you’re eager for this all to take place.

During their visit, you want to make them feel welcome and at home. Moreover, since you haven’t entertained guests in a while, you desire to make their stay the best one yet.

Well, after applying these tips, your guests will never want to leave!

1. Have Enough of Everything

Given that you haven’t had company for quite some time, it’s vital to ensure you have enough of everything. You don’t want to make them feel like they’re putting you out if you have to run out and get extra items.

So, before they even arrive, think about what you may need. Enough towels, blankets, and chairs are in order. Also, make sure the bedroom dresser has space for your guests to unpack their clothing if they wish.

Getting extra items, such as an extra seating chair beforehand is thoughtful. Plus, it’ll save you the embarrassment of having to leave and get something during their stay.

2. Do Some Deep Cleaning

You may clean your house weekly, but how long has it been since you’ve done a deep clean?

Since guests are staying over, you should make your home sparkly clean. Vacuum, clean the floors, and use a toothbrush to clean the tight spots. You’ll be embarrassed if they notice a giant cobweb in one of the corners of the closet! So that it won’t happen, do some cleaning beforehand.

A clean smelling house will impress your guests. Plus, they’ll likely notice how shiny and pristine everything looks. Don’t forget that getting things organized should be a part of your cleaning process too.

As an added touch, consider lighting a candle a few hours before they arrive. Find out what one of their favorite scents are (like vanilla, for example) so that your house will smell like that when coming inside.

3. Give Them the Grand Tour

When your guests arrive, they won’t know where to find things if they haven’t been to your home before.

It’s up to you to act as their guide by showing them to their rooms. Give them the rundown of where to find clean towels or extra blankets if they need them.

Also, show them where other essentials are. They may want to know where to find items like water bottles or where an extra toothbrush is, for example.

If you really want to go the extra mile, and your home is large, write down the location of the essentials. That way, if they go wandering around at night to find a snack, they’ll know where it is in the kitchen.

Guests Feel at Home

4. Unique Coffee Experience

It’s likely your guests love coffee. So don’t forget to make sure they’re more than welcome to have coffee any time they want!

They may be doing some international traveling soon. If that’s the case, to make their stay fun, give them a unique coffee experience! And even if they’re not traveling to a different country, trying something new can be fun too.

For instance, one idea is to serve them coffee as the French would. The French like their coffee hot and strong. And more importantly, they enjoy drinking their coffee surrounded by the good company!

So that your guests feel welcome, make sure they have access to their favorite coffee. And give them a taste of the French coffee culture. That way, they’ll be more than ready to travel internationally, whether it’s now or in the future!

5. Have Activities Planned

If your guests are new to the area, they may want some suggestions on what to do.  If there’s time before their visit, pick their brains to find out what fun activities they enjoy.

Depending on what their interests are, put together a list of activities that’ll suit their fancy.

You can also write down a few of your favorite restaurants and where the local malls are. Another idea is to include a few museums you love or where a popular amusement park is.

They may also be interested in getting outdoors and going on an adventure. If so, come up with another list of some of the well-known nature spots in your area.


There’s no doubt about it; your guests are going to have a fantastic time at your house. Making an effort to make them feel welcome will make all the difference.

When weary travelers arrive, it’ll be nice for them to be able to kick back and relax. By preparing ahead of time, you’ll allow them to do just that.

With everything set up perfectly (or close to it), they’re going to want to come over and stay all the time!

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