London has a rich history filled with ancient buildings, art, and fashion. To say there’s a lot to do there is an understatement, making it a great place to visit!

With so many options though, it can get pretty expensive quickly. But, there are several ways to still enjoy the City of Dreams on a budget — one, in particular, is through London activity vouchers. They take a little bit of research and a lot of discernment to find good ones, but they’re worth it in the end.

Are you planning a trip to London any time soon? If so, then sit back as we walk you through how to find the best deals!

Research Activities

The first thing you should do when looking for deals is to decide exactly what you want to experience. Think about what activities are available near your hotel and if something is far away, how far is it and how will you get there?
Planning out your days will help you narrow down your voucher search because there are some passes available that are based on specific dates. If that’s the case, make sure you align your activities with the best days in order to receive discounts.

Start From Within

After you have your activities planned, you can reach out to the companies providing the service to see if they have any vouchers available.

Sometimes these companies provide deals making the experience more convenient all around. You can find these deals by looking on their website before booking your activity.


Expand Search

If you find that the companies providing the service don’t offer activity gift vouchers, then you should open up your search. For this, all you need to do is type in what activities you want and see what type of deals come up.

There are plenty of sites available such as wedosavings that provide great deals on London tourist attractions.

Be open during your search, but beware of scams also. You want to find the best and safest option available. If you’re concerned about the validity of any passes you find, reach out to the company you wish to use for your activity directly to ask if they accept what you’ve found.

Take your time with this because deals on Store bags in Kings Cross also tend to fluctuate in price and you may actually be able to find a better option during a certain window. The best thing to do is stay vigilant for a period of time and buy the passes when you see them at their lowest price.

Unlock the City With London Activity Vouchers!

London has so much to offer and with London activity vouchers you can experience it all!

We hope that our guide was helpful and that your visit is full of adventure. Remember to plan and do extensive research before purchasing anything and you’ll be on your way to an affordable and meaningful vacation.

Who knew that the key to the city was really just a London explorer pass!

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