The wedding season is quickly gaining speed and it’s now the time to create and send some carefully created wedding invitations. These invitations are the first pieces of print design that go into weddings. The perfect modern wedding invitations are covered with glorious typography, meaningful prose, and most importantly stunning colors.

If the wedding invitation is perfect and classy, it will set the stage for the big event and set the mood for the guests. The wedding invitations are good for the wedding and are mainly the first markers for whether a wedding or not a wedding will be a special day to remember. In this brief, I have shared some tips on how to create the best modern invitations that will leave you and your guests breathless.

Creative design inspiration: Colors and designs

The wedding season is around and it’s the best time to be creative with colors and designs. The best colors and designs do both using the best bold color and bright colors that add some personality and excitement into the invitations. When having some fun with the colors and designs, ensure that the wedding invitation has a personalized drawing sitting at the front of the invite. It should be a cure and sentimental. After that, the personalized drawing at the front of the invite should be surrounded by colors and if possible, silly animal drawings. This makes it feel dynamic and elegant.

The brochure-like flaps next to the image should also involve fun and playful typography to make it highly pleasing to the eyes. We can all agree that if the invitation is fun and fantastical, the wedding will be something worth remembering. The materials and the accompanying RSVP notes and materials should be decorated in a similar fashion. The colors should at the same time be eye-catching. The directions of the venue if possible should be illustrated as a map which is one of the coolest things that your guests will see this year.

The Choice of paper

The choice of paper when writing the guest books or printing the modern wedding invitation will be equally important. I usually recommend choosing tan and textured parchment. This is the perfect base for inspiring and creative designs. The choice of paper will communicate something to your guests. It’s actually an indication that you know how to have fun. But if you want to communicate more personally, choose a type of design that will match the type of paper perfectly.

Go for a numbered guest list


It’s important to mark the back of your RSVP cards with every corresponding number. This is important in case someone fails to mark their name before sending it back to you. Just remember that some guests can RSVP through emails and phones. So, don’t worry if someone doesn’t fill the RSVP on the card. 

Vintage Design

If you have ever thought about vintage designs, then you must have noticed there’s something about them that is alluring. I don’t know whether it’s because of the sandy parchment or it’s because of the linen paper. But regardless, there’s something that calls back time and delicately holds the accompanying cards together. But I agree Vintage designs are the best especially if you want everything to be tied up in a cute and simple bow. After that, this is held in a paper box like a present.

When going for the Vintage designs, make sure it has the couple’s name in a Bold serif at the upper left corner of the material. The rest of the copy should also be simple and aligned. Don’t forget to type it on an old-fashioned Typewriter. It’s not always advisable to play with max colors here, You should play with minimal colors to make it work out as a true symbol of art.

Luxurious Design

I know you have already thought about something Fancy and luxurious. If my guess is right, then choose modern wedding invitations with this luxury design. In this case, it should be wrapped in a gold envelope. Experts would eventually use a stunning floral design on the front flap to make it regal and elegant. This is not the end of the luxuriousness because a lot is hidden in the beautiful and exquisite cursive typography.

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