Have trouble logging into your PayPal account and you want to change your password? But you are worried because you don’t know how to easily change your PayPal password without a phone number. Then don’t worry because we have got you covered and have listed the necessary steps that you need to follow in order to change your password without a phone number.

PayPal is one of the best applications when it comes to money transfers from one bank account to another account, and it is also one of the most trusted money transfer applications. If you have forgotten your PayPal password and want to reset, it without a phone number then you can follow the below-mentioned steps.

Steps To Change PayPal Password Without a Phone Number.

Follow the below-listed steps to reset your PayPal password without having a phone number.

Step 1- The first thing that you need to do before changing your account password, is to log in with your real credentials.

Step 2- open the settings page available on the home page by clicking on the gear icon.

Step 3- After completing the first two steps choose the select account settings option and select the security option.

Step 4- Under the security tab option, you will have an option of changing the PayPal account password.

Step 5- In the last step, all you have to do is select the update option and enter both your new password and current password in the given boxes.

After you are done with all these steps, you will get a confirmation mail popping up on your screen that you have successfully changed your PayPal account password. Go back to your PayPal account and log in again with the new password, that’s it you are all set with your new password.

How Can I contact PayPal Support?

Contacting PayPal support is pretty simple and easy. You need not place any call, you can simply contact PayPal support through their Contact Us option present on their home page. If you are not sure about this method, then you can simply follow the below-listed steps.

  • Open the login page and choose the contact us option present in the footer.
  • Chose the message us option from the contact us section

After this, you will be asked to log in again with our credentials, but since we don’t have the login credential we can just continue further by selecting the trouble logging in option.


Changing the PayPal account password is a very easy job if you know the steps that you need to follow through the whole process. We hope we have made your work easy by listing all the necessary steps that you need to perform while changing your PayPal Password. Thus, it is evident that it is not necessary to have a phone number for changing your PayPal account password.

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