If you’re ever tossing and turning in bed wondering if you’ll ever eventually drift off to sleep, you’re not alone. According to the NHS, 1 in 3 of us suffer from poor sleep, with very few getting the recommended 8 hours each night.

If you’re wondering how to boost your nighttime routine, read on for our top tips.

1. Wind down before bed

If you’re the type of person to be working well into the night, this could be affecting your sleep. The blue light in screens can be extremely harmful to a restful night’s sleep.

To combat this, reduce screen time in the evenings and try to keep phone usage to a minimum.

You may also want to try running a relaxing warm bath to get your body to the ideal temperature for sleeping, write to-do lists or even do some light stretching, meditation and yoga.

2. Think about your skincare routine

skincare routine

As part of your bedtime ritual, you shouldn’t neglect your self-care. Establishing a thorough skincare routine will not only help your skin get that year-round glow, but it can also help get you in the right headspace for sleeping.

As part of your self-care routine, you could also consider investing in some new women’s nightwear. That way, you can say goodbye to old t-shirts and scratchy fabrics and hello to silky smooth pajamas!

3. Stop drinking caffeine

drinking caffeine

If you’re struggling to drift off in the evenings, your caffeine addiction could be partly to blame! Although a morning coffee won’t keep you awake until 3 am, drinking caffeine in the afternoon might (sorry!).

If you can’t go without a hot drink before bedtime, try peppermint tea. Peppermint tea is loaded with health benefits and will help with your digestion at the same time.

4. Read a book or learn a new skill

Rather than switching on the TV to watch an intense thriller, consider instead reading a book or learning a new skill. Although this will be engaging your brain to a certain extent, it’s a far better way to get ready for bed than watching a screen.

And at the same time, it’s also productive.

The bottom line…

Although sometimes it feels like a losing battle when it comes to sleep, the good news is that a few small tweaks to your bedtime routine can make the world of difference. From minimizing screen time and caffeine to perfecting your night-time routine, you too can get back on track for a magical 8 hours’ kip.

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