The automobile market has been innovating and newer more impressive cars have been introduced to the market. These are vehicles that are built with accessibility and smart controls in mind. The industry is congested with different types of cars. There is a separate fanbase for supercars and another for offroading vehicles. The most recent and arguably innovating addition to the industry is the introduction of electric vehicles. Hybrid vehicles have been in the market for a while shifting between an electric and traditional engine. Electric vehicles fully make the shift towards a fully electric-based engine. 

The production of vehicles, in general, has undergone many changes. These changes were ideally to reduce costs while also maintaining the quality of the cars. Changes such as implementing robotics or making use of plastic molding shaped the industry. The electric vehicles of today are lining up to become the new normal of tomorrow. This in turn brings several benefits to us and more importantly to the environment. Some are against electric vehicles too. There are facts and figures for both sides of the spectrum. Below is a range of benefits and drawbacks that electric vehicles provide. 


Electric vehicles are loved for their innovations to the industry. These vehicles redefine smart driving and cost-saving. Their main goal is to provide a smooth drive while also protecting the environment. Here are a few benefits summarised.

1: Environment Friendly

A key benefit that electric vehicles supply is that it is significantly less harmful to the environment. The fumes and smoke some vehicles exhale early in the mornings can have negative effects. The air quality may start to become diminished in places with lots of motor vehicles. The vegetation, in general, may not get enough clean air to fully grow out. People will have trouble breathing and there are long-term hazards too. 

Electric vehicles mitigate this by removing the motor engine and replacing it with an electric one. This effectively removes the smoke and fumes ingested by the engine completely. The result is an engine that runs via electricity and does not harm the environment as much. A better environment means you can work on your garden too. Learn more about gardening at guyabouthome

2: Less Noise Pollution 

Motor vehicles house powerful engines that can make loud noises in the environment. The more powerful the engine, the louder the noise and vibration. This is a problem in cities with lots of these vehicles. The loud engines can cause a lot of noise pollution throughout the city. This may interfere with the sleep of many and be considered a nuisance. 

Electric vehicles house an engine that is significantly more discreet. Noise pollution is relatively low and cities remain free of engine noise. There are even some laws that state electric vehicles should make some noise at least. This is so that wildlife and people crossing the road are aware of the vehicle. 

3: Long Term Cost Saving

Electric vehicles are also loved for their long-term cost-saving benefits. Traditional motor vehicles need to be refueled and maintained from time to time. Maintaining the engine and making sure it works fine is considered a chore by many. These vehicles also often need to be refueled which is a variable cost.

Electric vehicles do not require any fuel to run at all. Instead, they are charged at wall outlets at home or from dedicated chargers. This is considered widely cheaper than refueling vehicles traditionally. The electric engine is also less likely to get damaged or lose performance. This means that maintenance costs are also somewhat reduced. 

Electric Vehicle


The drawbacks of electric vehicles refer to the overall feel of the drive and a sense of what is lost. These vehicles are innovative yet may make driving a little less accessible. A few of these reasons are below. 

1: Charging Is Inconvenient 

Charing vehicles in comparison to refueling them can take more time. Charging vehicles at home tends to take hours upon hours. Dedicated chargers can get the job done quickly yet still take over 30 minutes to an hour. This makes charging inconvenient for those who are in a hurry. These vehicles will have to be charged beforehand as they already take a while to charge.

Similarly, these dedicated chargers are not available at most locations. This makes charging on the go less likely. The only way to ensure smooth driving is if these vehicles are charged overnight. Impromptu trips seem less likely with electric vehicles. 

2: Less Support

Electric vehicles have just recently been introduced to the market. This means they are the new kid on the block and lack support. There are fewer mechanics available for electric cars than there are for motor cars. There are several reliable part suppliers in the market for motor cars and bikes such as Electric vehicle owners will need to rely on their manufacturer for the most part for these services.


Despite the inconveniences and the small issues, electric cars are well on their way to becoming the new normal. Once the range of these vehicles, as well as the charging speed, has increased. These vehicles will be superior to motor vehicles in almost every way. Hardcore motor engine fans will be harder to sway but may come around. It is exciting to wonder about where the industry is in 10 years.

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