Recently, before you attend an event, the organizers or host expects that interested participants should register. The registration is done primarily to indicate the interest to be a part of the event. Generally, event registration is considered the first step to book for an event, and it is usually done through a customized URL provided by the event organizers. This process helps to simplify mobile ticketing for events and extensively impacts the impression of the participants.

To book a ticket for any event, there must be an easy registration process that doesn’t require multiple form pages to be filled out. To ensure that the ticketing is a quick and easy-to-do task, it must be set up to display on mobile phones. Most people stay glued to their mobile phones for many hours in a day. Hence, it will be comfortable for them to register and book an event ticket comfortably from their phone. Booking for event tickets using your mobile phone requires that you fulfill a few steps, which are briefly described below.

Study the Event Details

Why are you interested in participating in the event, and how would it benefit you? Do you wish to attend the event and network with people of like minds? Only after answering these questions and others related to the event, then, you can move forward to booking a ticket. This will enhance your clear objectives and checkmate if they align with the aim of the event. Carefully studying the details of the event will give you an understanding that the event is a thing of your interest. No one loves to waste time, as they are valued like the life we live.

Visiting the Event Site

The majority of people visit an event landing page or website to get full information. Nevertheless, creating an online presence, especially for an event, is a new approach to doing things. Even though this may be an additional task, it is cost-effective, and organizers wouldn’t want to alienate potential participants by not providing a platform that displays full information. The event landing page or website comes with a customized registration page along with instructions and checkboxes.

Mobile Phone

Create a User Account

After visiting the event’s landing page, you may be required to create an account and begin your registration process. This is usually possible if there is an event management software integrated within the landing page. Perhaps, in most cases, creating a user account isn’t mandatory. It is requested as part of the process before moving to another step, all that would be required during the account creation process is to provide basic contact information and then type in your email and preferred password to log in.

Select Your Ticket Types

Once you’ve completed the basic information that is required, then you move to the aspect where you ought to select your preferred ticket types. This step is valid for a paid event, and then the potential attendee can select from ticket types and prices. For example, you can select between VIP and regular tickets depending on how the categorization may be.

Make Instant Payment

Guest should have the opportunity to make payment directly from the event registration page. If need be, the event organizers will integrate different payment gateway options for those willing to make payment online. The payment option will include basics like PayPal, Mastercard, and other credit cards. If you have a guest attending from overseas, there should be foreign credit and debit card options. This will help solve the challenge of currency conversion and save the guest a lot of time.

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