You may be driven to change the general outlook of your home for various reasons. When it comes to the festive season, your house adorns various decorations to match the specific festival. Home décor can also come in handy when looking to accomplish the new look you have been toying around within your mind. New houses also need a little decoration to fit your specific tastes. To satisfy your taste, many people take it upon themselves to do their decorations. For the best look, here are some simple guidelines that can help you get your desired look.


Before committing to anything, know your road. Do this by tailoring a map to get you to the finish line. Do not rush to the furniture store to buy furniture that will end up disappointing you. Do not go panic shopping to fill up space or fulfil your shopping rush. Arm yourself with a notepad and tape measurements and visualize how you want it to look before getting down on the planning business.

Taking measurements

Going to the store to buy that piece of furniture you have been eyeing can be an eyesore if it does not fit how you imagined. This also goes for other aspects of decorations like mats and window drapes. Take your time and measure the different spaces that you want to decorate. Take into account window, floor measurements as well as ceiling heights. These tiny measurements can always come in handy when you are out shopping for various home décor accessories.

Design a mental image

Armed with the various space measurements, you could tweak around with the placement of different furniture and fittings. This will help you to see if it will fit as per your initial thoughts. You could try literary draw on the floor to get a full mental picture of how it would like with everything fitted. This can also be termed as coming up with a floor plan. A professional designer would probably use AutoCAD software to draft the image.

Decide on the functionality of the space

At this stage, before you go shopping, you should consider the functions of the different spaces. Determine within yourself, and if you are not alone, you could consult with whoever you’re living with on the nature of the living space. This will help you decide on whether to keep it traditional or modern, relaxed or formal, and warm or cool. 

Basically, you will be deciding on what to do with the room. Either to host guests or as a private family room for those with children or just a chill-out spot for you. Keep in mind different decorations work for a different setting. For instance, room hosting parties and large crowds are designed and decorated differently to one hosting a small group, e.g., family only.

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Everything narrows down to your level of research. This will give you an insight into various ideas on how best to decorate your home. Explore the works of professional designers and see how they do it. Visits social media platforms like Instagram or Pinterest where you can find various designs incorporated in different sitting arrangements maximizing the available floor space and shape. Use this information to blend different colours, fittings, and furniture when decorating.

Box out the elements

After doing extensive research, apply the measurements you got from the floor to tape out the different elements of the decorations. This will help you determine the best fit as well as figure out the spacing of the elements. Use this information to come up with a personalized family canvas, where you get to draw what best meets your family’s needs and taste. You could use painter’s tape as it is more effective. Use different colours to mark different aspects.

Design a budget plan

Take your time to come with a suitable budget that best fits your financial plan. Definitely, you set aside some money to fund the whole décor process, but it does not make sense to spend most of the cash on two or three expensive items leaving the work half done. Make a strategic decision on your expenditure. For instance, divide the money among the rooms and spaces with every aspect getting its deserving ratio. This will help you to stick within your budget when shopping.

Plan your workload

With everything in place, what is left for you is executing your plan. Before beginning work, you need to determine a clear path for you to follow. This will help minimize damage to the furniture or space. For example, you could finish up the painting job and fixing the wall fittings before moving into the furniture. Know what to bring in first and how to move around the furniture ease your work. Protect items or furniture that cannot be moved by keeping them in sealed boxes or covering them under plastic drop cloths beforehand.

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