The path to becoming a certified lawyer is no small one. Entering the legal profession requires years of studying and preparation to even get a law license. In addition, you will probably need to take on a sizable amount of student loan debt, depending on what law school you choose to attend.

However, these hurdles are not without good reason, as lawyers are among the highest-paying jobs today. The median income for a lawyer in the U.S is just over $120,000. If you like to negotiate and debate, then you may want to consider reading to know if studying law is the right path for you.

Educate Yourself About The Different Careers In Law

Before making any big decisions regarding studying law, you should learn about the different types of law and decide on a few that you like the most. Fortunately, there are a plethora of different types of law, allowing you to specialize in the area that fits your talents the best.

Some popular types of law are Insurance law, Family law, Criminal law, Business law, among others. A good way to learn more about these areas of law is to research established lawyers in the field you are interested in.

Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree

Before you can apply for law school, you will need to go through an undergraduate program and obtain a bachelor’s degree. Luckily, there are a lot of undergraduate degrees you can get that law schools will accept.

You can get a degree in business, criminal justice, economics, English, history, philosophy, among many others. However, you will want to pick the undergraduate major that applies to the type of law you’d like to study in law school. For example, someone planning to go into corporate law would want to obtain a degree in business.


Law School Admission Test

Great, you’ve just gotten your bachelor’s degree and are now ready to study for the LSAT. It contains five multiple-choice sections that each take 35 minutes to complete. It is recommended to prepare for several months before taking this test.

Apply to Law School

After getting the scores from your LSAT, you will need to apply to a law school. It is recommended to apply for several schools so that you have options to choose from when making the big decision.

At law school, you will be working to obtain your Juris Doctor Degree. It takes on average three years and extensively covers many areas of law.

The Bar Examination

The final step to becoming a lawyer is to pass the Bar Exam. Each state has a different set of laws, and so you will need to pass the Bar Exam for the state you wish to practice law in. Studying for this test should take several months, and you will need to be well versed in many areas of law you have studied.

After passing the bar exam, you should receive your law license and will be a certified lawyer in your state!

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