The changing world of transportation and the evolution of new techniques require companies to adopt more stringent security measures in the transport of goods to keep safe your supply chain. Companies must develop preventive controls to protect against cargo theft.

Guaranteeing the security and tracking of trailers, containers, or property in general is the priority of a security agent or carrier. At Secur-T, our mission is to provide a product that best suits your application, in particular, safe, active seal transportation.

There are some features of the security and void tape that come to mind, but there is one in particular that stands out. This type of packaging tape is a robust and reliable material that can absorb the strip tensile strength while maintaining a low elongation.

Prevent Costly Claims Resulting From Transport Damage

The high-strength security tapes are commonly used to secure the moving parts, such as doors and hinges, against damage during shipment. Think of the shock and mechanical stress that occurs during the moving and handling, transportation, storage, and the same installation.

That is where the security tape comes in for securing these moving parts and full loads. To prevent slipping, breaking, tearing, and waste conveyor belts, reliable fastening must be able to cope with all kinds of physical stress.


  • High resistance against slipping, tearing, and breaking
  • Durable protection against wear and tear
  • Highly stain and adhesive-transfer resistant


  • Reliable protection against transport damage
  • Reduction of costs for the handling of claims
  • Safely bundle and palletize transport unit
  • Packing tape for palletizing

Security Tapes

Palletizing Loads and Pallets with Security Tape

Before bulk or packaged products can be transported, they need to include or palletized. Security tapes are excellent in preventing products and loads of movement and displacement. Have a minimum elongation, while under pressure from shipping tensions.

Excellent adhesion keeps a variety of surfaces, including; metal, plastic, cardboard, and protective films.


  • Excellent adhesion to various surfaces
  • Strong resistance against stress during transport
  • Highly stain and adhesive-transfer resistant


  • High level of safety for staffs handling transport units
  • Reduction of transport damage
  • Reduction of costs for handling senders’ claims

Where Can I Buy Security Tape?

Using security tape and void tape to reduce cargo theft during transport is a cost-effective and smart strategy. As a result, security seals can reduce your risk of loss immeasurably.

Secur-T is the largest and most experienced safety strap. We deal with unique products designed to meet all applications in the transport of goods, with a suite of customizable solutions virtually anywhere in the world. Our full range of security strips, extra tapes, and blank labels support your loss prevention procedures for goods in transit.

Contact us to tell us about your application needs and learn more about how our security seals can protect your supply chain.

Whether you are looking for security seals indicative for finished products, cable and bolt seal containers or trucks, we have a one-stop solution for all your needs.

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