The new advancement in modern technologies has saved our time and energy which makes our lives easier. Car is one of those machines which provides comfort in our daily life. With his massive qualitative work, there is also the risk of any mechanical malfunction. Most of the people who own cars follow the maintenance guidelines for the very first year. But afterward, they forget to take care of their car for brake service and other basic maintenance.

When it comes to car safety and functionality, brakes are the most important component. If you are living in a traffic savvy place in UAE, brakes will be used more often. That is why periodic car maintenance is required. Bad brakes will put you and people around your life in danger. Many people don’t understand the fact that brakes that last long are because of the driver driving habits and periodic maintenance service.

Generally, how often do you need to service your vehicle? It can be found out by checking the owner’s manual. Depending on your driving style, inspect your car every 5,000 km. Your driving style will not only make you a safer driver but also helps your brakes last longer. Living in UAE, especially in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi, you don’t have to worry anymore because many car specialists are working positively to keep your wheels running.


Living in UAE you don’t need to fret about your car’s periodic maintenance service because there are many legit car doctors to keep your wheels running.

Ensuring the long life of your car and keeping your vehicle reliable, this blog shared some maintenance guidelines which will help you in the future afterward:

Inspect Brake Pads and Rotors Periodically

The brake pad is made of a friction material held by a steel backing. The brake pads and rotors are the two connecting points between your car’s braking system and online tires. When the pressure is applied on the brake pedal, the hydraulic pressure forces the brake pad to grip the rotors. It creates friction which slows down the car. After some time, due to heat and friction of stopping, the friction material is worn down.

How do you know when your brake pads are wearing down most modern cars are fitted with a wear indicator. It is spring-loaded steel which makes a grinding noise indicating that you need to change your brake pads. If brake pads are less than 4-5mm then it shows signs of near replacement. That’s when you know that your car is asking for a periodic car checkup in UAE. But if it is less than 2-3mm thick, then they should be quickly replaced with a new one.

Change Your Car Brake Fluid

When you put force on the brake pedal, pressure builds and is transferred from the master cylinder to the brake fluid. Then this pressure passes through the brake lines, and into the clippers, making its way towards the brake pads and rotors. Brake fluid is important because it plays a vital role in exchanging messages between you and your car’s braking system.

Unfortunately, brake fluid attracts moisture, which is harmful to the braking system. Moisture will lower the boiling point of the brake fluid and reduces the braking performance. To prevent damage to your car’s braking system, check brake fluid regularly and change it after covering 25,000 miles. For getting any specific manufacturer recommendation for your car, call Pitstop Arabia all over UAE especially in Dubai for a quick answer. They have a good periodic maintenance service for every car model.


Avoid Overloading on Vehicles

Overloading on vehicles will significantly decrease the life of your car brakes. It becomes harder for brakes to stop a vehicle that has a higher load. It would be dangerous for people’s lives in vehicles and on the road also. Ensure to avoid putting unnecessary items that your car cannot handle.

Also, make sure that the weight of aftermarket products is not heavier than their original ones before installing them on your vehicle. The lighter the weight, the easier it will be on your brakes, tires, and gas tank.

Replace The Brake Parts Periodically

Sometimes it is necessary to replace some elements of the braking system with high-performance components. The parts which can be considered in upgrades are slotted disc brakes and ceramic pads. Slotted disc brakes are heat resistant, and ceramic pads are the components of cars that produce less brake dust. Upgrading the components will improve the longevity and performance of the car’s braking system.

Final thoughts

Brakes are the most essential part of the car because your safety depends on them. Some of the factors which lead to serious car accidents are overloading heavy braking and wet weather. So, make sure that your brakes are working perfectly. You can make sure of this by visiting your car specialist seasonally and done car maintenance in UAE. Avoid hazardous driving and maintain all braking components, your brakes will function efficiently.

Author Bio:

M Junaid Lead Writer, Content Marketer at PitStopArabia, A writer by day and reader by night.

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