Alexa is a voice service based in the cloud. Using Alexa is as easy as asking a question. Just ask him, through your Amazon Echo device, to play music, make calls, schedule alarms and timers, check your calendar, weather, traffic, sports scores, and manage to-do lists, control compatible connected devices and more.

Whether at home or away, Alexa skill development is designed to make your life easier by letting you control your world with your voice. From now on, the maneuver is more efficient, without neglecting the security of the data, which must be accessible only to employees of the company.

Are Alexa skills free?

You can use Alexa’s skills for free. You only need to download the free Alexa app or configure the applications on your PC via your Amazon account. Additional costs are incurred if a tool requires additional services. For example, you can only purchase by voice command if you are a member of Amazon Prime, for which you pay a monthly or annual fee. In order to hear Spotify on the speaker without advertising, you must also subscribe to an appropriate subscription. The activation of Amazon Alexa Skills is free, at least for now.

In the future, this could change. There are, indeed, more and more paying offers in the United States. By 2017, the first functions of external service providers were available only for a fee. In this respect, it is only a matter of time before Amazon transfers this business model to the French market. After all, it can bring in extra money.


In addition, the payment model is used by cooperating companies to refinance application development. Thus, it could also offer the possibility of having sooner more technically mature skills. The prospect of payment could encourage developers to reach new heights. For some manufacturers, it is only then that it is worthwhile to invest in Amazon Alexa Skills and update them regularly.

However, it can be assumed that the vast majority of functions will remain free. A payment can probably only be required for Alexa’s skills, which are in high demand. It is also conceivable that Amazon in the future makes membership a prerequisite or offers both a premium paid version and free skills with a reduced range of functions according to the principle of buying applications.

Linked with the APL kit is the Alexa Smart Screen developed by Alexa Skill developer and TV Device SDKs, which carry APL experiences to smart displays and any machine with a display. Alexa Smart Device SDK is accessible for Linux devices.

The kit houses with the Alexa client software and front end audio technology for the finding of Alexa waking words. It comprises a 4-inch touch screen, a 3 microphone network for far-field voice detection, and comprises the new Alexa Smart Screen and TV SDKs and graphical interfaces.

These efforts turned to the screens are found in the update of the Smart Home Skill API, also in anticipation. Smart Home Skill API developers can better combine the components to add voice control to the capabilities of a skill. Custom intent and binary functions such as lighting lights can now be combined into one skill. Moen, Eco bee and iRobot are among the companies using the new version of the API.

But above all, Amazon promises consumers that Alexa will only improve. The strategy is similar to the way Amazon manages AWS. You adopt AWS and you are assured that Amazon will continue to enrich the service. Amazon’s strategy for its terminals is essential to introduce Alexa everywhere.

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