So many articles are being written about the Amazon Echo and the Google Home right now. One article will claim that the Amazon Echo is far superior while another will say that the Google Home is now better. Both of the smart speakers are well worth investing in but there are differences between two of them, as outlined in this infographic from Half Price.

Amazon Echo is still the market leader in the United States, but it did have first mover advantage. Both Amazon and Google have begun to expand internationally so it will be interesting to see which becomes more popular overseas.

For example, if movies and music is your thing it may be worth going to the Google Home as it allows you to listen to audio on Google Play Music and YouTube. When it comes to the voice assistant, many believe Amazon still leads the way. It has an incredible skills category with more than 12,000 skills in 21 categories. You could do things like learning a language or about history all with the voice assistant. Check out the infographic for further comparisons.


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