When selecting a consultant for your Amazon business, it is important to be clear about the procedures you wish to hire, because if you are looking for a company or consultant to handle many of the functions specified above, it would be advisable to contact a company consultant who is more well generalist and not with a specialized company for example in marketing consulting, that although it offers all the services, it does not have much experience in some. There is no need for the consulting firm to perform all the functions described above for a specific business, rates can be agreed for a specific function, or periodic fees that cover several functions.

Think of consulting as an investment with the objective of organizing. For what? Because properly organizing a business is a way to save time and money. Nowadays, more than ever, an Amazon business cannot be set up lightly. Knowledge is required on how to do things more effectively, and nobody can offer this more efficiently than Amazon consultant.

Does the consultant or the consulting firm have experience in the standard that will be implemented?

Each industry has its specificities. It is not the same to implement a system for a service company for a fishing company. It is necessary that the consultant has a deep knowledge of the market in which his potential client operates. If the consultant knows the sector, he will know in advance the particularities that he must attend.

Does the consultant have good references for similar projects?

Ask for a list of companies in which you have carried out similar implementations and do not hesitate to consult previous clients about the satisfaction of their service. I think it is essential to determine the quality of the service you are offering.

Questions you can ask the previous clients of the consultant of your interest: How was the attention you received from the consultant? Did the Amazon seller consulting comply with the agreed terms and conditions? How did you react to changes that might arise in the previous planning? How did you act between the company and the Certification Entity? Have you offered or are you maintaining system maintenance periodically?

Who does the consultant offer you?

It is important to previously define planning of the implementation project and know the means through which it offers the implementation. There are face-to-face implementation systems that are not at all effective or on-line implementations of great efficiency. Today there is a tendency to carry out on-line implementations with tools such as Skype or simply email, which combined with some visits to the company, is successful in carrying out the project with successful results and with a lesser loss of time in visits.

In these times it is important to know if the company you are going to hire is solid and will not “disappear” when you are halfway through the execution of the project. For this reason, it may be more advantageous to hire an independent consultant with experience.

What is the quality of the consultant’s staff?

If instead, you are thinking of hiring a named consultant, find out how many consultants the company has locally and how qualified they are. Some consultants certify their staff through an examination. Undoubtedly, this provides a guarantee of professional suitability. In short, the choice of a systems consultant is a key decision.

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