Growing up as a woman and watching women around, you can expect that the trials you are going to face would be innumerable. Your life is a constant war of breaking taboos and stereotypical thinking patterns of not just men but some women who contribute to promoting these stereotypes.

Girls have to grow up believing that driving is a masculine activity and to drive well, a woman has to constantly prove she’s skillful, she has to prove to be good at it, and even after that, she would never be explicitly encouraged to become a driver or to think of themselves as a good one.

Accident Fatalities by Gender in Broomfield County, Colorado?

According to the CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), the accident fatalities rate for female drivers is 10.7 deaths per 100,000 people in Broomfield County, Colorado to be specific whereas it is 19.3 deaths per 100,000 people in men drivers.

Whereas the statistics according to CDC for accident fatalities in the united states overall for women are 9.6 deaths per 100,000 people and for men drivers, the graph shows a death rate of 21.3 deaths per 100,000 people in the country.

What Measures To Take Ladies, If You Get Involved In An Accident?

This article is for all the ladies trying to work hard to put the stereotypical mindset aside and driving like it is their basic right not a borrowed one from men. Getting involved in an accident no matter how casual or gigantic it may be, can be overwhelming not just for you but everyone. Although being a woman could be harder on you because it gives a chance for people around to rant over the myth “Women can’t be good drivers”

You can put an end to this by treating the mishap without losing yourself to such thoughts and keeping your head in the right place.

Steps To Follow To Deal With A Car Accident Like A Strong Woman:

This article will provide you with some basic steps to deal with such a misfortune if you come across it, although let’s just hope it doesn’t have to come to this.

Point 1: Check Yourself for Any Injuries

If you’re harmed, call 911 or ask another person to do as such. In case you’re genuinely harmed, make an effort not to move, and hang tight for crisis faculty. Make sure you check cautiously and you don’t overlook any injury trying to avoid a scene for that matter it is significant to get yourself to a car injury doctor after everything is sorted out for serving that very purpose you can find a car accident clinic in Broomfield.

Point 2: Check If the Passengers Traveling With You Are Okay

In case you’re not very harmed to move, check up on different travelers in your vehicle. On the off chance that anybody’s harmed, jump on the telephone with 911 or approach an observer nearby to call for help.

Point 3: Get Yourself and the Passengers Out Of the Car

In case you can switch on your hazards to warn other drivers nearby and try to move to the roadside or a walkway. If your vehicle is sheltered to drive and is causing a risk where it is, pull it to the roadside. Something else, leave it where it is, and get yourself and fellow passengers to a secure area.

car accident

Point 4: Stay Calm and Don’t Get Carried Away By Your Emotions

After an accident, an individual may feel a wide scope of feelings like stun, blame, dread, anxiety, or outrage which are all typical. However, take a couple of full breaths or tally to 10 to quiet down. The calmer you are, the more ready you will be to deal with the circumstance.

Point 5: Stay at the Scene at All Costs.

Make sure the ongoing traffic doesn’t stop because of you. If your car is causing a hindrance and stopping other drivers from moving along if you are not too injured for it and your Kansas City car accident lawyer. Although in some states it is illegal to move your car from where the accident took place so it’s better to confirm what law your state applies in this case. However big or small the mishap may be, don’t leave the scene. Stay put.

Point 6: Take the Information of the Other Driver and Vehicle Involved In the Accident

Request to see the driver’s permit of different drivers engaged with the accident so you can bring down their permit numbers.

 Additionally, get the following from the other drivers engaged in the mishap:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number,
  • Insurance agency
  • Protection strategy number
  • Tag number.

In the event that the other driver doesn’t possess the vehicle in question, make certain to get the owner’s information too.

Point 7: Observe What Happened

If you’re not too hurt, observe what happened and try to have an open mind to what could have happened instead of creating a scene on the road and getting other people tons of trouble. This is an ideal opportunity to check out the mishap and attempt to make a judgment about whether it was a consequential one or not.

Point 8: Inform the Police

Notify the police within 24 hours regarding the mishap. On the off chance that the police go to the scene, don’t move anything until they state that you may. Be sure that you get yourself an Accident Report (AR) number, as this is required for any protection guarantee or outsider case you may hold up.


For women having to constantly prove that they are strong enough to deal with situations like these without a man coking to rescue them, strong enough to break stereotypes like: “driving is not a masculine activity” is just the tip of the iceberg. Therefore in order to break such stigmas, it’s important to stay focused and work on the solution for whatever problem you may be in. In case of any mishap, visit your nearest car accident clinic in Broomfield immediately.

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