The discomfort that comes with a broken AC especially when it’s summer in Denver is not what any resident wants to experience. The heat would be enough to toast your skin, but the thought of repairs cost would make you perspire even more. However, if you knew some tricks, you would be able to carry out the necessary maintenance on your unit.

In this article, you will learn a few tricks and tips on how to get your unit up and running smoothly. However, we know that some people may not be able to perform the tricks. They may find it difficult to handle because it appears too complex. In such cases, contact professional AC repair services to assist you with the maintenance or repairs. You can go to AC repairs NOW of Denver to find out how to find a professional.

AC Maintenance

The best approach to carrying out AC maintenance is to do it before there’s an issue. Try not to wait until your unit goes crashing before calling for emergency service. Frequent repairs and maintenance could help prevent you from experiencing the harsh summer days.

It will also keep your house cool and help you to save money. Therefore, carrying out a check and maintenance routine on your unit towards the middle to the latter part of spring would enable you enough time to contact a professional.

Outdoor AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance

The following are tips for maintaining the outdoor AC components:

Condenser Unit

As much as your air conditioning unit may look complex, keeping the condenser unit clean as well as running properly is a pretty simple process.

Put the Unit Off

To carry out proper maintenance, it is important to put it off first before you start. This will enable you to carry out proper cleaning as well as reduce the chances of getting injured.

Clean Out Debris

Take out all the dirt clogging the unit. This could be done by taking off the cap then brushing the inside with a good shop vac. Some dirt that can be found in the vents includes gravel, leaves, gunk, tree branches, etc.

Clean the AC Fins

The condenser coils are protected by small metal fittings called the fins. Clogging of the fins is a common issue that most homeowners experience. Using a hose could help in removing any clogs on the fins formed outside it.

It is important to note that the hose should be on low settings to prevent damaging any part of the air conditioner. Possibly, take away the condenser lid then spray it back and forth.

Stretch Out the Fins

The fins are very delicate and are likely to be bent. Use a good butter knife to help stretch the fins of your condenser unit. More accurately, you could get a good fin comb that could drag as well as straighten as many fins as possible at a time.

Check Cooling Pipes

The air conditioning unit is designed to have thick insulation covering the lines, which helps to transfer the coolant throughout the system. These insulations are most times exposed to the sun which in turn destroys the linings.

It is important to regularly inspect this insulating coverage to ensure that the refrigerant remains cool and free from damage. You can visit to read more about air conditioners.

Indoor AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance

It is important to take proper care in maintaining your inner AC components as much as you have done to the external components.

Clean the Drain

The air conditioner produces and fills the drain with water. But molds can clog the unit if these plastic tubes are not properly cleaned up. To do this, you can either use a special shop vac or a pan pill. This will help to keep the drains dry and free of molds that have possibly formed clogs.

Change Your Filter

The blower is protected from dirt by the filter. Therefore, homeowners are advised to replace their filters after about three months of use. This helps to prevent performance issues.

Look Out for Leaks

If a leak is detected in a refrigerant line of your unit, it is important to send the unit for professional repairs.


Maintaining our AC is a very simple process. It is also important to carry out regular maintenance on your conditioner to prevent sudden crashes and unplanned expenses for repairs. Also, regularly giving your AC a professional checkup is not a bad idea.

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