Keeping the kids entertained and inspired during the school holidays can be tough. It is easy to let them slide into watching too much television or playing on devices all day, especially if you are a busy working parent.

It could be beneficial to your children and to you to find something educational and engaging to do instead. Giving your children a fun project to get involved with that keeps their brain stimulated is a great idea for a school holiday activity.

If you are looking for some fantastic activities to keep your children educated and amused during the next school break, try any one of our four educational activities. If you have time, why not do all of them and really tire them out.

Build a weather station

We love to talk about the weather in the UK, so what not take the opportunity to teach your kids how the weather works and how it is monitored during the next school holidays.

With a simple computing kit, you can build a custom weather station. Follow an online tutorial or get the children to use their school-learned coding knowledge to build it.

Build a bird feeder

This activity provides a double whammy of education for kids during the school holidays. First, building a bird feeder will teach them valuable craft skills and how to utilize their inherent creativity.

Second, when their bird feeder starts to attract birds, you can take the opportunity to teach them about different animal species. Which can help them expand their knowledge of the natural world.

Go on an educational walk

Taking a walk in nature has myriad benefits for all of us and can be included in Chores for 6 year-olds but especially the developing brains of children. The fresh air and exercise alone are reason enough to get out there.

School Holidays

While on your walk, you can make the most of the things you see. Teaching your children about different plant varieties, any animals you might spot, how to abide by the Country Code, and more.

Plant some fruits, vegetables or flowers

Again, this school holiday activity is packed full of benefits beyond the educational. However, teaching your child to learn gardening skills could prove vital in their lifetimes.

Growing food helps them to focus on self-sustainability which will become ever-increasingly important in the future. Plus, what’s better than fresh vegetables from your garden?

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