When the talk is about AC repair and maintenance, many shiver down their spine. It sure can be frightening for the system is made up of many complex components that seem rocket science to the inexperienced and the cost that it will bring along with it.

However, with a little knowledge, you can easily take care of the maintenance and repairs of your air conditioner, while saving loads on servicing. But you must also understand that eliminating service calls completely is not the solution. There are few things, only an expert in AC repair service Jacksonville, FL, can handle. Your aim should be to reduce the repair and not avoiding. Also, by following the right maintenance plan your system will have an extended lifespan and save money in the long term.

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The following are a few of the common maintenance and repairs, that you can master without any expert’s aid. So, put on your repairing shoes and get started with the following maintenance and care tips.

1. Change Air Filter

If you want to keep your air conditioner in the best form, then keep track to change or clean your air filter. The air filter must be cleaned at least once in 2-3 months. The cleaning process also depends on your AC usage and if you are a proud pet owner, then clean/change the air filter once a month.

A dirty air filter restricts the smooth flow of air, thereby straining the system and reducing its efficiency. If left ignored for a long time, it can also damage other components of the system.

2. Optimize Airflow

Restriction or redirection of airflow by closing the vents may look like a good idea, but in the long term, it will damage the system. Also, it will give an upright scale in the energy bills. Improving the airflow must be done in the right method, like,

  • Regular replacement of air filter
  • Sealing of leaking ducts and
  • Taking inventory of the ducts

3. Mind the Ductwork & Vents

There comes a time for every homeowner to think their AC needs to be more functional and efficient. The deficiency of the cooling can be because of a small unit to a large room or additional cooling area and many more. So, to fix the efficient cooling issue, most of the homeowners close the vents of a few rooms which are not used often. They think that by doing so, it will cool the room more efficiently and in a much faster time, thereby saving from investing in larger units.

Air Conditioner

This is completely wrong as you have completely misunderstood the law of ductwork & vents. By closing a few points, the efficiency of the air conditioner does not improve but in turn, it adds pressure and strain to the blower. And when there is too much pressure in the vents and ductwork, it will lead to cracks and tiny openings.

Closing the vents is not a good idea, but optimization of the airflow through the smart and experts’ way, sure is.

4. Maintain The Thermostat

The thermostat may get lost in the complex components of your air conditioner, but this tiny component does a crucial role. The thermostat is a sensor that does the role of monitoring the indoor air temperature. Your room temperature functions depending upon the temperature you set on the thermostat.

So, if you do not take proper care of the thermostat, then it will hinder the entire operation of the system. Your air conditioner may not work right and you will end up believing that something is wrong with the system. Make sure to change the batteries at least in 8-12 months’ period time for improved functions.

5. Maintenance of the Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit is called the compressor or condenser. Its job is to transform the heat from inside to the outside of your house. it is an important component that helps to keep your indoor air cool and comfortable.

The compressor needs free space for operation and so, make sure there is no obstruction blocking the system. Clean of debris, leaves, and other related particles encircling the outdoor unit for smoother and proper operation.

Before you try to repair or do the maintenance job by yourself, make sure you follow a few important guidelines like switching off the entire system, doing the job under the experts’ guidance, and more. if you do not have enough knowledge, do not work or follow any DIYs and leave the job to the experts.

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