An air conditioner is one of the most important and essential equipment in your house. it is a life-term investment and so one must be very careful while investing in it. It is also a costly affair for this matter must be taken seriously. So, if you are planning for AC replacement, make sure you take a second opinion from experts like Wrightway Comfort. The experienced professionals will guide you accordingly and also will suggest which AC suits best in quality and efficiency.

When the matter is about replacement or ac installation Tomball TX, place your trust only in the professionals. They are the rightly guided and learned professionals and will present you with valuable solutions and options.

The following are a few signs that signal your AC needs replacement

  • Frequent Repairs

Repairing is common in the air conditioner system. But if it constantly troubles you with repairing issues, then it’s time to think about the replacement option. Instead of spending money on the repairmen, you can actually invest in a good air conditioner. This will not just save your money in the long run but also you will be provided with peace and comfort.

Before you opt for replacement, make sure you get your AC checked by the professionals of air conditioning service Hockley TX to confirm your replacement option.


  • Air Conditioner is Aged

It is suggested by the ac repair Tomball TX experts that an average lifespan of an air conditioner is approximately 12 years. If it is maintained well, then it can last long for up to 15 years. Replacing your AC before it turns the period time 10 is considered not a good option. However, if your AC gives you repairing issues or replacement problems, then one can press hard on the replacement option.

If your AC gives up before it has turned 10 years of operation, then either your AC was not maintained and serviced well or there must be a problem with the manufacturing company. Most of the time, the problem lies with the maintenance. Homeowners ignore maintaining their AC regularly, causing it to perform low in operation and ultimately major repair or replacement. Your AC must be serviced at least once in a year, only by the professionals for better and smooth operation.

  • Inconsistency

Your AC must provide the right cooling in all parts of your house. if it fails in this basic operation, then one can consider a replacement. The reason may be because of the aged air conditioner which has become low in its efficiency and operation. The older the AC system, the lower is its efficiency.

  • Water Leakage

One cannot ignore the water leakage problem near the unit. Even after repeated repairing, if it still gives you the issue, then it is high time that your AC needs replacement.

Water leakage creates the right environment for the growth of mold and everything related. The problem not just stops with water stagnation, but also will become a breeding place for pests and insects.

If your system constantly gives you this water leakage issue, make sure to call air conditioning service Katy TX expert and consult for a replacement option.

  • Rising Bills

It is normal to see a little raised bill when your air conditioner is in use. But if you are spending more than the required billing amount, then it is a matter to think deep.

Most of the time, the raised billing is because of the inefficiency of the AC system. As time passes, it becomes sluggish because of regular wear and tear. If this issue goes beyond the repairing point, then it is a smart move to invest in the new air conditioner. The new air conditioner will not only provide you comfort and peace but also will bring you low bills.

Before investing in the new AC, get it checked with neighbors and friends whether they also face the same issue. If their bill remains stable, then call A/C installation Tomball TX expert at the earliest for better solutions.

  • Replace Your AC Before it is Too Late

If you want your AC to be in its best condition, make it a point to get it serviced by the professionals at least once in a year. Regular servicing will prevent minor and major issues and will also keep your system in good condition.

If your AC has passed its period time, which is 12-14 years of the operational period, then it is high time that you replace your AC. You can keep your AC running for a maximum of 15 years, but after that, replace it. Even if it is in a good operational state, a replacement will still be a smart move as your old system could fetch you a good price.

If your air conditioner is giving you troubles with any of the above signs, contact Wrightway Comfort professionals for better solutions and repairs.

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