Do you tend to Google “restaurants near my location” quite frequently? Are you a foodie who loves to taste different dishes very often? Think how convenient it would be to have all your favorite food delivered right to your doorstep.

Dunzo, the mobile app, is the best answer when you next search for the best restaurants that deliver near me

We are so used to having to drive to the local restaurants around us just so we can enjoy a meal with friends and family. However, the family time spent at a restaurant cannot compete with the wholesome feeling of being at home and enjoying a lovely, warm meal with your loved ones. 

Apart from going out to restaurants for meals, we are also accustomed to going out of our way to schedule a time for grocery and vegetable shopping, filling prescriptions for regular medicine, getting fresh meat and fish, health and wellness products and even supplies for our pets. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could simply order it online and have it delivered quickly to your doorstep?

Dunzo does food delivery from popular and local restaurants near my location primarily. In addition to instant food delivery from restaurants, there are numerous other essential things that Dunzo can help with. 

These are the door-step delivery categories offered by Dunzo to users:


1. Eateries –

Dunzo helps find the best places to eat when you search for restaurants near my location on it. It provides choices ranked based on user-recommendation and popularity as well as reliability of food quality. 

2. Daily Groceries –

The amazing app also helps users find the best places to get their regular vegetables and groceries from locations that are conveniently close to them. You can rely on Dunzo to deliver only fresh and crispy vegetables and daily groceries every time. 

3. Medicines –

In addition to food, Dunzo also provides services that deliver your regular or special medication to your home. You can easily order over-the-counter medications or simply upload your prescription to be filled on the app and rest assured to get your medications delivered to your doorstep on time. 

4. Health/Wellness –

Apart from food and medicines, Dunzo is also the best source to search, find and order from the most popular and reliable health and wellness supply stores near you. 

5. Pet Supplies – 

There are times when you run out of food for your pooch or your cat needs a change of diet. How about using Dunzo to order your pet needs and have them delivered to you the same day? You can use Dunzo to order a variety of pet supplies from the closest pet shops near you. 

6. Parcel Delivery –

If you need a reliable and punctual delivery for important or mundane packages, then Dunzo will do it for you. Using the app, you can easily place a request to have a parcel picked up and delivered to the desired address (local or national) in the quickest and safest way possible. 

7. Lift –

Did car stop work midway to your destination? Or do you just want to get someplace in the cheapest and fastest way possible? Then you can use Dunzo to order a bike ride to your destination easily. 


So instead of using Google to search for the best restaurants near my location, you can simply download the Dunzo app from the vendor’s official website if you are a PC/laptop user, get it an Google Play if you have an Android smartphone or install it from the App Store if you an iPhone. 

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