Have you ever noticed why razor blades are looked in a container at a drug store or placed right behind the counter? This is because they are really expensive. A lot of people have thought about the cost of blades and razors. Many companies woo their customers with a low-cost product but charger higher for a refill blade. Some companies have a low price on the razor but a higher price for the blade. Since consumers tend to use the product more often, they end up paying a higher price considering it is worth the durability. Not everyone uses a new blade every day but then too the overall cost of razor and cartridge is high.


The difference between cost of manufacture and selling price

Razor blades are no doubt difficult to make but the manufacturers sell them at four times their cost. Companies charge different prices for razor blades and the amount is very different from the actual cost of production. Since most companies have a monopoly in the market, they have a ton of consumers who are willing to pay for the same. These companies spend a lot of amount on marketing and advertising their products. Since the products are advertised to be the best in the market, consumers do not look for alternative options and end up spending on the high priced blades. Not many consumers are aware that quality blades are available at half the price and they offer the same results as a higher priced version. There is no connection between the cost of the blade and the quality of shave it offers since the cost of manufacture of the blades is much lower than the selling price. Companies add a huge profit on their cost of manufacture and then set the selling price which also covers for the marketing and advertising expenses incurred by the manufacturer. Companies with a monopoly make a huge profit on the sale of every blade.

An alternative to the razor blade is disposable blades; however, not many are comfortable using them. The Colonel’s Journal offers high-quality blades at half the price. They aim to put an end to the dilemma faced by men, whether to use an overpriced razor or cheap razor that could be an insult to their skin.  Now, the best quality razors are available at a reasonable price and it has a subscription facility which ensures that the razors are home delivered from time to time. You now have a less errand to run and will be able to save money on the razor. It is important for consumers to understand the high quality does not mean high price. Best quality razors are available at an affordable rate and they can ship to your doorstep. A good shave is important for men to look smart and sharp and only a high-quality razor can give you the perfect shave. The blade comes with the latest design and a rolling pin which will ensure a clean shave in no time. It has an excellent handle that is designed to give a good grip and add the convenience of use. Most importantly, it is a convenient solution to a boring task- buying blades from time to time. You do not need to worry about the blades; they will be delivered to your doorstep at regular intervals. A lot of consumers have subscription services for their electrical appliances and the same is offered for the razor. Once you subscribe to it, there is nothing you need to worry about. Move away from the overpriced razor and make the right choice for your beard and your pocket.

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