Human beings were never meant to be stationed in one place, they were meant to move. But, with the current lifestyle of adults and children alike, a major part of our day is spent sitting. If you thought this lifestyle change has only affected adults, then the increase in the number of obese children is not news but a concern. Therefore, just as going to school, taking a shower, brushing your teeth is a part of your child’s daily routine, it’s time to make physical activity a part of their regime in these 7 simple ways-

1. Outdoor Playdates

Outdoor Playdates

Children love playdates and organizing one outdoors is enough to get them excited. Thus, with the summer near the corner, schedule playdates at the pool or the park. These activities not only help children stay active but also build their strength and stamina. Another option is to sign them up for classes such as gymnastics, football, dancing. This can help kids learn a new skill while keeping them active.

2. Do The Boogie-Woogie

Do The Boogie-Woogie

Dancing is the best exercise so, make the most of this enjoyable physical activity. So get your kids to shake a leg to the beats of different music and make it interesting for them by buying dancing lights, loudspeakers and turning your living room into a dance floor. Dancing helps in increasing flexibility, the range of motion and is also a good way to channelize your child’s energy in the right direction. For children who are overweight, dancing can help them lose weight, and improve their eating habits.

 3. Walk To School

Walk To School

Parents prefer to drive their children to school as they consider it less safe because of increasing traffic and involves less time. But, a little change in these habits of parents can bring a big difference to their child’s life. Walking to school helps children stay more active, alert, increases creativity and arrive brighter to class. So, leave the car keys behind and walk your child to school the next time.

4. Award For Active Life

Award For Active Life

Every child likes getting a surprise or a gift when they do good work. Thus, to inculcate physical activity in your child’s daily routine award them for being active. For instance, when they keep the glass of water back in the kitchen, cleaning up after playing with their toys and opt to play out than watch television or mobile games. So, encourage them with a treat or a surprise till the small changes of now become a lifestyle for them.

5. Walk The Dog

Walk The Dog

If your child is a pet lover, then taking the dog for a walk would excite for them. So, accompany your kid to walk the dog if you have one at home and if you don’t, then get them to work as dog walkers for neighbours or friends. It is a fun way to encourage children to exercise instead of being glued to the television or mobile screen. Also, educate your child to be considerate towards animals and tell them about companies like Wild Science Ltd that work for the welfare of the animals, both when they are at home and work and offer the best in Animal Education and Animal Therapy.

6. Walk-The-Talk


Build a pre or post dinner walking routine into your schedule. It need not be rigorous but a simple stroll of the neighbourhood. Make this time of the day a family time with no exception of anyone sitting home. This daily walk-the-talk regime will help make exercise a part of daily lives with additional benefits like family bonding, improved digestion and better sleep.

 7. Send Them Outside

Send Them Outside

Technology is one of the main culprits of kids wanting to stay at home. Therefore, restricting screen time and sending them out to play for at least an hour is the duty of the parents. You will be surprised to know that a run in the park, taking the swings and riding a bike can make notable changes in the overall development of your child. Apart from fitness, outdoor playing helps in increasing the attention span in children. It also develops social and behavioral skills as kids learn to wait for their turn, be courteous to people around them and sort their own fights.

To summarize, remember that as parents, you need to find a way to make physical activity a part of our child’s routine in a natural way. By just relying on high-tech gadgets your kids will lose on the fun and the growth that green spaces provide in their overall development. So, reduce your child’s screen time with these 7 simple steps and keep your kids active and strong.

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