Summers are around the corner and probably many of us will be planning to go for a vocation within the city or out of the country. Oh! Are you a pup parent and conscious about how and what measures should you take to keep your pet dog happy and healthy while traveling? Many pup parents leave their dog behind which I suppose is not a good idea to some extent because taking your dog with you on a trip can add more fun and your mind will be at peace that a part of your family is with you and not dependent on someone else to be taken care of. If I have convinced you and you are planning to take your pet with you on your next trip, you should start planning ahead because if you do not plan wisely the tables can turn down.

Regulating His Health:          

Visit your veterinarian a week or two before travel; get your puppy examined completely to make sure he is healthy enough to travel with you. Look for his vaccination records to confirm that they are up-to-date because you do not want your dog to suffer from any health issues while traveling. In addition to this, these vaccination cards may also be required to satisfy the vaccination requirements of the country if you are planning to travel abroad. Always ask your veterinarian to suggest you few tips and few medicines that may help you to treat your furry companion if falls ill. To stay safe in case of potential emergencies, it’s best to be covered with an insurance plan. If you don’t want to splash a huge amount of cash and still get a reliable service, take a peek at

Regulating His Health

If you are going on a picnic or hiking always pack a first aid kit for your little companion too that contains basic things such as benzoyl, bandages, tweezers, tape, antiseptic wipes and a pair of scissors to counter any mishap. Moreover, invest in heat protective booties for your dog as his paws are sensitive and can be burned or damaged by walking on hot roads or rocks.

Food and Water:

Always pack your pup’s regular food with you because dogs are as choosy as humans when it comes to food. Maybe your dog would not like eating other food brands and you will end up spending your time finding the same food brand at a new location. In addition to this, feeding your Fido on a new food brand is risky because he might experience digestive issues. So try to keep your Fido’s favorite food in abundance to avoid issues mentioned prior. You can find reviews of 5 Best Victor Dog Foods on my blog Totally Goldens.

Always carry bottled water for your dog with you because drinking water from local creek or roadside can cause bacteria to enter his body and he might catch some disease.

Reduce Anxiety:

While you get excited about car trips and for exploring new places, on the other hand, your dog may experience anxiety or car sickness. Dogs become attuned to their environment and may experience anxiety when they are shifted to a completely new place. To reduce his anxiety you must keep some of his known belonging with you to reduce his anxiety. In addition to this, dogs few their paws or thing around them when they are anxious.

Reduce Anxiety

They may chew the seat cover, therefore, to avoid such behavior provide him with a chew toy. To avoid car sickness make your Fido used to it by taking him on small drive daily a week before. To avoid splitting do not feed your dog before a road trip.

Summer tip: do not leave your Fido alone locked in the car because in summers cars become extremely hot and may suffocate your dog.

Hope the above-mentioned tips will help you in planning your next trip with your Fido.

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Wendy is a self-employed beauty therapist, mother of two; life-long pet parent and lover of dogs who somehow manages to squeeze in the time to satisfy another of her loves – writing. Wendy is the founder, main contributor to and editor of

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