If you monitor the latest health and fitness trends you’ll probably have heard about personalized vitamin packs. They are currently receiving a lot of publicity and endorsements from celebrities. That’s great marketing and a powerful reason for many people to adopt vitamin packs.

Of course, the real question should be whether these packs are worth it and offer any real benefits.

How Vitamin Packs Work

Vitamin Packs

Your body needs an array of vitamins daily to function properly. Research shows the detrimental health effects of insufficient vitamin intake. However, it can be difficult to track vitamin content in everything you eat and a visit to your local health store will present a dazzling array of vitamin options.

It’s understandable why people struggle to know which vitamins they should be supplementing and which they need to be avoiding.

This is where the personalized vitamin packs come in. As everyone is different the only way to know what vitamins you need to be taking as a supplement is to examine your current lifestyle. This means assessing current activity levels, your diet, and assessing what vitamins your body is low in.

It’s then possible not just to identify what vitamins you should be taking, but also to confirm the amounts you should be taking. You’ll then have a personalized vitamin pack to help ensure you maintain optimum health.

It’s worth noting that you need to use a reputable supplier, such as the vitamin subscription providers at Wellhub. They won’t just assess you once, a regular update program will ensure you’re getting the right vitamins at different stages of the year. After all, vitamin requirements change with the seasons. For example, you’ll need more vitamin D in the winter when you can’t get it from the sun.

Are Vitamin Packs Beneficial

Vitamin Packs

As they are relatively new to the market there is limited research available to look at. It has previously been noted that most people do not need vitamin supplements. However, these studies refer to generalized vitamin usage and don’t track whether participants continue to use the vitamins. The only thing the studies look at is death rates.

Of course, scientists recognize the importance of vitamins to the human body. They also acknowledge that many people are not getting sufficient vitamins from their diet. While a general vitamin may or may not be beneficial, the personalized approach identifies the vitamins you’re missing and tops them up.

As your body needs these vitamins it’s impossible to state that they are not beneficial. The personalized approach ensures your body is getting what it needs and can save you money. You don’t need to purchase all the vitamins on the market, just the ones you’re short of.

The Future of Vitamin Packs

It seems likely that vitamin packs will evolve further and start to use a variety of testing methods to establish your exact vitamin and mineral deficits. This ultimately has the potential to improve individual health through science. It’s certainly worth getting involved now as a personalized plan will be beneficial to your health.

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