Bitcoin has been around for a decade now and people have immensely invested in it. It will not be wrong to say that it is the next-generation biggest thing that could happen. Yes, you heard it right. The popularity of Bitcoin has gone up by leaps and bounds and it will not be shocking if tomorrow Bitcoin replaces paper currency and is used by the entire world.

Let me tell you that there are so many great Bitcoin wallets available where you can keep all your Bitcoin earning. You should know by now that the Bitcoin wallet is essential software that you need if you are a full-time Bitcoin trader because you can’t store Bitcoin if you don’t have a Bitcoin wallet.

The major role of the Bitcoin wallet is to store Bitcoin safely and do transactions, buying-selling of Bitcoins and some of the best Bitcoin wallets also provide a high-quality security feature that prevents any kind of hacking or fraud in your account. So, if you too are a curious new trader wanting to get more information on Bitcoin wallet before you jump into the field of trading, well you are in the right place!

In this article, I will list down some of the best Bitcoin wallets available to choose from. So just sit back and read:

Let, start with coinbase!


I am naming this wallet first because it is one of the best Bitcoin wallets to ask for. Having said that let me tell you why is it so? It has all the qualities required in a perfect Bitcoin wallet. It not only stores the Bitcoin but also a major role in buying and selling of Bitcoin.

One of the biggest advantages of having a coinbase wallet is that you can easily connect it with the US Bank and can transfer dollars in and out of your wallet. If the security and privacy of the account are what matters the most to you, then coinbase is the wallet you need. Coinbase supports Litcoin, Bitcoin and Libra crypto-currency.


If you have a desktop in which you are crypto-trading, then you can go for Exodus wallet as it is specially designed for desktop traders.  You can very easily do transactions with the help of this wallet and apart from that, there is no account setup or passwords. Basically the account is totally yours with out most privacy!



Trezor is a wallet that is basically used for just storing Bitcoins. Trezor is basically a physical device and not software. It is plugged into your computer in order to get access to the wallet and store the Bitcoins. The best part of Trezor is that it has high-security features with passwords just like coinbase. If you are a curious Bitcoin trader, you must have known by now that the entire idea of creating Bitcoin was to provide security and Trezor fulfills that objective.


Robinhood had started as a small stock exchange firm but soon it started creating wallets for storing cryptocurrency. Let me tell you that Robinhood is though a small and simple wallet but an all-rounder with all the features similar to coinbase. Apart from that Robinhood is completely cost-free and does not charge for registration. Trust me, it provides great security features for your Bitcoins.

Here don’t assume that I am talking about the technology that makes Bitcoin work. Not at all. I am talking about a wallet named that like coinbase does the work of storing, purchasing and selling of Bitcoin. The only thing different is that it is an online wallet.

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