Purchasing a second-hand iPhone is an excellent idea because they last longer compared to Androids phones. However, it is not an easy process because the market is so big. If one wants to make sure they get a high-quality iPhone, they should consider following these steps.

1. Check the Activation Lock

If a customer was to buy a refurbished iPhone, checking the activation lock is necessary. Since the launch of iOS 7, Apple has been able to securely reduce the risk of stolen iPhones being sold to innocent customers. In case the customer realizes that “Find my iPhone” is turned on, and the previous owners’ id is still connected to it, he or she may not be able to use the iPhone after buying. One cannot reset without an old password. Sometimes the last owner may be ignorant, or the iPhone was stolen.

2. Make sure the used iPhone is from a Reputable Company

All iPhone models, including iPhone 5, work across every company network. Buyers need to know that the AT&T network uses LTE and some phones do not. Therefore they offer fast services in some places. If a customer buys an iPhone made for Verizon and takes it to AT&T, it may not be easy to access the LTE features.

3. Check the Battery

iPhones have inbuilt batteries. Users cannot change them, which means that buyers are assured of a strong battery phone. The iPhone should have decent battery life despite being refurbished. However, if the iPhone is used for more than a year, one should carefully check the battery. Always check battery life on phones running iOS 12 and higher using the battery life feature.


4. Make sure the iPhone is not Stolen

There are cases where stolen iPhones are sold to innocent customers. Activation is therefore locked and does not respond to the sim card. Cases arise from an iPhone purchased from a private seller because reputable sellers will constantly reassure the buyer. To avoid buying a stolen iPhone, the buyer should confirm IMEI calls. After going to the dealer, look at the phone and try to find the IMEI number in the setup program. The buyer must scroll down to meet the listed IMEI number.

5. Check Warranty

Apple has always provided excellent customer care services. When buying a used iPhone, the consumer must verify its performance. He or she should check the cover page on Apple.com. If one can get to the next page, it means the iPhone is legal. In that case, the buyer will confirm that the iPhone has not yet been reported stolen or the replacement model.

6. Check for Water Damage

A buyer may prefer to buy a refurbished iPhone when offline. Those who buy iPhones offline are recommended to check if the water damage index has been fixed. Red or pink means this device is damaged by water. At times buyers help in identifying damaged iPhones.


Purchasing a refurbished iPhone is advantageous because they are quite affordable. However, it could be risky, especially if it is stolen. Potential buyers should consider the above tips to ensure they make the right decision and get value for their money.

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