Although many people use the terms business management and business administration interchangeably, especially, while referring to a degree program they are not the same. Some similar core subjects covering business-related topics are offered in both courses, but they are not the same.

In this article, we will discuss the essential similarities and differences between each of these courses to offer you better clarity as to which program you want to specialize in.

The course length of either business program can also vary in duration and flexibility, for example, a student can do a full-time course or a diploma in business administration or management.

What is business administration?

Business administration deals directly with the efficiency of operations in an organization on a day-to-day basis. Students who get a degree in business administration long learn about strategy planning, forecasting, research, and effective entrepreneurship.

These skills are crucial to succeed in the fast-paced world of business. MBAs, therefore, are experts in making critical and long-term decisions for the company.

What is business management?

Business management like business administration deals with a company’s operations. But students who learn business management also learn crucial ideas about finance and economics.

They specialize in the application of statistical analysis to direct an organization in the long term. Business management also exposes students to the role and importance of human resources.

Depending on the size of an organization, the responsibilities of a business administration and a business manager can diverge into more specific areas.

What are the key differences between business management and business administration courses?

Every business relies on business managers to tackle issues like managing a team and deal with the interpersonal matters associated with the people of the organization. Business management is more human-centric and is best suited for students who are excellent communicators. Therefore, business managers undertake the task of resolution of conflicts, delegation, and diplomacy in organizations.  Administration focuses on the technical aspects of business like planning, execution, and long-term achievements.

Business management has a broader role. It helps you understand the trends in modern business and provide a larger economic picture for the organization. But it may not necessarily concentrate on the specificities of markets. Business management deals more with the administration, future goals, planning, communication, and strategic execution.

Business Management

Business administration is more suitable for students who are interested in specializing in specific business roles. If you are interested in accountant positions like the chief technology officer (CTO), or the chief operations officer(COO), then a business administration course is ideal for you.

What are the career prospects with a business management degree and business administration degree?

While there are some common subjects in both these programs like finance, economics, marketing, and accounting, they are not similar. But each degree offers you some distinct career roles and teaches different things.

With a business administration degree, you can be a:

  • financial analyst
  • budget analyst
  • marketing manager
  • benefits administrator

With a business management degree, you can become a:

  • management analyst
  • office manager
  • sales manager
  • purchasing manager

Good business education can open a world of opportunities for students. By fully understanding the similarities and differences between business administration and management you will be able to select the educational path that matches your interests, skill set, and career goals.

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